SEP Holds 3rd Staff Dragon Boat Race Successfully

Ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the third staff dragon boat race of SEP titled "staying true to original aspirations, keeping mission in mind, combating with oar, striving for first-class" was held at Shanghai Aquatic Sports Center on August 31, 2019. Wang Yundan, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman, Gu Ai, Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman, Wang Yu, Director of Labor Union of Shanghai Municipal Economy and Informatization Working System, Yang Min, Department of Rights and Interests Protection of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Huang Jian, Director of Labor Union Office of Shanghai Municipal Economy and Informatization System, Wang Haitao and Bai Lu from SPIC Fourth Inspection Team, Lu Mingjie, SPIC Jiangsu Company Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman, Chen Junguo, SPIC Energy Engineering Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman, as well as employees of various SEP departments and affiliated companies together with their family members, more than 700 people in total, participated in the event.



In his speech, Wang Yundan noted that the dragon boat race is a classic event for SEP to promote mass cultural and sports activities deeply, which is highly popular among vast numbers of staff, and that the race this year witnessed a new journey as we set sail again in a new era and press ahead to build a world-class enterprise. Wang hoped everyone to closely center on the implementation of SPIC's "first-class strategy in 2035", the construction of "five centers" and enhancement of "four major brands" in Shanghai while celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, aim to become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC in building a world-class clean energy enterprise, and make greater contributions to the realization of the "two centenary goals" of China.



A total of 20 teams from Wujing Power Plant, Tianji Power Plant and Kanshan Power Plant took part in the race beside Dianshan Lake. The teams from SPIC Jiangsu Company and SPIC Energy Engineering also joined in the race.


Once the starting gun went off, each dragon boat rushed to the finish line as fast as the arrow flies off the string, amid the drum beating and the paddle rowing. Following two rounds of heated competition, SEP Operation successfully defended its title and realized three successive championships, while Wujing Power Plant and Kanshan Power Plant won the second prize and the third prize respectively. Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Caojing Power Plant and Tianji Power Plant obtained the fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively, and the other 14 teams from SPIC Jiangsu Company, Changxing Island Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration, etc. also won the encouragement awards.


The dragon boat race not only demonstrated the health and capability of various participating teams, but also strengthened the friendship among associate companies and stimulated the enthusiasm of SEP cadres and staff in their daily work and business start-up. After the award ceremony, Wang Yundan and Gu Ai took photographs with various teams, shook hands with all the players, and held cordial talks with them.

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