Wang Yundan Meets Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps 13th Division Commander

On August 23, 2019, Wang Yundan met with Zeng Chao, the commander of the 13th division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and his delegation at the company headquarters.



Both sides conducted in-depth communication on jointly promoting the integrated management of Naomaohu Industrial Park Zone, connecting the upstream and downstream industries of the park zone comprehensively from the perspective of exhaust and waste water, boosting orderly cooperation and high-efficient operation of various enterprises, and realizing healthy development of the industrial chain together with Beijing Xuanli Investment Co., Ltd., shareholder of Hami Gas-fired Power Generation.


Zeng expressed confidence in the cooperation with SEP, noting that the park zone is right in the general direction of construction, that both sides need to take the opportunity of building the sewage plant to further improve the construction of park zone management platform and management mechanism, and that they should fully leverage respective advantages and create synergy.


Wang extended thanks to the 13th division for its long-term support lent to SEP, saying that the integration construction of oil, power, goal and gas in the park zone is an innovation on circular economy, indicating both opportunity and challenge, that SEP will continue to coordinate with the park zone construction as always, and that the meeting unified the understanding of both sides, which made him full of confidence in the win-win cooperation between the two sides.


SEP Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering Management Department Dai Sufeng, and related leaders of SEP Production Department and Hami Gas-fired Power Generation participated in the meeting.

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