Wang Yundan Inspects Caojing Cogeneration, Caojing Power Plant in Hot Summer

With the arrival of the dog days, Shanghai has been reeling under continuous heat waves.


On August 16, 2019, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan led a delegation to Caojing Cogeneration and Caojing Power Plant successively to conduct safety inspection and visit production staff.



At Caojing Cogeneration, Wang Yundan went to the central control room for the power island, held cordial talks with frontline production staff, inquired about the current production safety situation as well as the rest and diet conditions of the staff carefully. While extending sincere greetings to them, Wang asked everyone to complete heatstroke prevention and cooling work and arrange work and rest properly while ensuring safety. He also called on the staff to protect themselves from sunstroke, and endeavor to sail through this hot summer with both personal and equipment safety.




Having listened to the special report by Caojing Cogeneration, Wang expressed that the power plant obtained hard-won results in various aspects against the backdrop of ever-increasing external challenges, and sang high praise for the diligent work by all the cadres and staff of the power plant with sincere thanks.



Wang put forward a few requirements for the power plant as follows: first, confront external uncertainties actively, shoulder the tasks of stabilizing and expanding the market, continue to enhance the fighting spirit of the team, and strive to accomplish the annual task; second, respond to SPIC's strategic positioning of energy ecosystem integrator positively, and further improve the related work for integrated energy supplier; third, from long-term mechanism through system building, ensure work safety, enhance the operation level of QHSE system comprehensively, put prevention first and focus on details, take quality as the guidance, strive for the Gold Prize of Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award, and complete a series of power supply guarantee work for the summer peak period, typhoon and flood season, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and CIIE; fourth, improve lean management regarding the price increase in natural gas and the newly-released power tariff policy, optimize unit operation mode, and strive to create better value for the customers while reflecting the economic value of the company; last, we all bare the mission assigned by the times, and we should be worthy of the trust of the Party and the nation in the fields of production and operation work and Party building and inspection work, and make superiors convinced, make peers comfortable and make subordinates happy.


At Caojing Power Plant, Wang visited the central control room, auxiliary control room, SEP Engineering thermal control team, SEP Operation coal unloader team one after another, greeted the workers sticking to their positions despite the scorching weather, and presented them with gifts. He also advised them to prevent from heatstroke and stay healthy while working under high temperature. "Thanks for your hard work, bros," Wang said to all the shift team workers, which made them clap their hands excitedly.




Subsequently, Wang went to the coal wharf of the power plant, and inquired about the situation of the coal ship docked at the wharf as well as the influence of Typhoon Lekima on the wharf facilities, with special requirements for summarizing the successful experience of combating Typhoon Lekima and starting the emergency plan for typhoon and flood prevention according to the weather forecast. Afterwards, Wang conducted supervision on the rectification of production facilities in the ammonia zone, and operated the eyewash equipment and fire water monitor in person, expressing satisfaction having listened to the report that the ammonia zone after rectification stood the test of typhoon and remained safe and sound.




At the symposium, Wang listened to the special report delivered by Caojing Power Plant, and spoke highly of the power plant for the outstanding performance in the network protection initiative, sludge blending combustion and minor indicators enhancement work, highlighting the significance of sludge blending combustion disposal work for SEP to integrate into the urban operation business pattern of Shanghai.



The power plant should keep up the good work, combine with the educational campaign themed "staying true to the Party's founding mission" in the second half of the year, integrate the Party construction with production and operation, team building and shift team construction, and ensure to complete various annual tasks in 2019 and strive to overfulfill them.


The related leaders of SEP General Office, Human Resources Department, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection and Corporate Culture Department as well as Caojing Cogeneration, Caojing Power Plant, SEP Engineering and SEP Operation participated in the above activities respectively.

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