Wang Yundan Attends Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Hongkou Panel Inspection

On July 19, 2019, Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Hongkou Panel organized an inspection trip to Jiangsu Huadian Wangting Gas-fired Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Wangting Power Plant), in which SEP holds shares. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan participated in the inspection.



Mo Guoping, party secretary of Wangting Power Plant, made an introduction to the general situation of the power plant, and Wang Yundan briefed the panel on the power industry development and the clean and environmental protection technology. Through the site visit, the panel of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress deputies obtained a better understanding of the power industry, feeling that it is really difficult for SEP to perform social responsibility, ensure power supply and enhance environmental protection while completing the operation performance task assigned to the central SOE. They also expressed thanks to the power plant.


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