Wang Yundan Attends 5th Round of Dialogue Between Sino-Japanese Entrepreneurs and Former Senior Officials, Inspects SEP Japan

From July 10-11, 2019, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan attended the fifth round of dialogue between Sino-Japanese entrepreneurs and former senior officials held in Tokyo together with a delegation. During his stay in Japan, Wang also visited Song Yaoming, Chinese Economic and Commercial Minister of Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, inspected the construction site of Nasukarasuyama PV Power Project developed by SEP Japan, and visited the headquarters of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (MHFG) and MUFG Bank, Ltd..



The dialogue between Sino-Japanese entrepreneurs and former senior officials was jointly sponsored by China Center for International Economic Exchanges and Japan Business Federation, aimed at building a platform for Chinese and Japanese industrial and commercial circles to exchange thoughts and views, which is highly regarded by both Chinese and Japanese governments. At this round of dialogue, Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs and former senior officials held a conference and group discussions on a series of subjects including the economic situation of China and Japan, the current situation and prospect of economic relations between China and Japan, building a global trade and investment environment, strengthening cooperation in third-country market between China and Japan, coordinated development of environment and society, and innovation and social reform. Wang Yundan delivered speeches at the sub-forums on building a global trade and investment environment and strengthening cooperation in third-country market between China and Japan.



On his visit to Chinese Economic and Commercial Minister Song Yaoming, Wang Yundan expressed thanks to the Chinese Embassy for its strong support to SEP's business development in Japan over a long time, and introduced SEP's overseas development strategy as well as the operation and development situation of SEP Japan in recent years, its future development direction and Party construction. Song Yaoming highly affirmed SEP's achievements made in Japan, praised SEP Japan as a banner of Chinese enterprises with investment in Japan, and hoped SEP Japan to keep up the good work, further reinforce studies in Japanese society and market in future business development to better integrate into Japanese society, continue to drive more Chinese enterprises to enter Japanese market, introduce Chinese technologies such as offshore wind power to the local market, give full play to respective advantages of China and Japan to develop the third-country market jointly, and make greater contributions to the Sino-Japanese economic and trade development.



During his inspection to the construction site of Nasukarasuyama PV Power Project, Wang Yundan listened carefully to the introduction to the technical proposal and scheduling of the project by the EPC contractor Tokyo Sangyo Co., Ltd., inquired about the land reclamation scheme, and held discussions about the optimization of project land, and the attempt to apply double-sided double-glass module, tracking bracket and other new technologies that is relatively mature in China so as to realize revenue maximization of the project. Having listened to the work report by SEP Japan Chairman Zhang Jian, Wang noted that just as an old Chinese saying goes that a journey of thousands of miles may not be achieved through accumulation of each single step, SEP Japan has laid a solid foundation through over five years of accumulation and development. He hoped SEP Japan to make itself bigger and stronger, and provide bolster for the overseas development of SEP.



During his visit to MHFG headquarters, Wang Yundan met with the group president Yasuhiro Sato, who welcomed the visit of Wang and his delegation, considered the MOU on global business cooperation signed between SEP and MHFG this March as the result of high degree of consensus reached by the cooperation between the two sides, expressed that MHFG is willing to become a firm partner of SEP, and to take the opportunity of provide project financing for Nasukarasuyama PV Power Project to construct the project into a model project for Chinese enterprises conducting cooperation with Japan, and hoped that both sides will carry out communication and cooperation in offshore wind power generation and hydrogen energy development. Wang thanked MHFG for its support in the past cooperation, introduced SEP's achievements made in clean energy power generation in the process of multinational operation in the domestic and overseas markets as well as the company's development in Japan, and hoped to acquire sustained support from MHFG in future, and develop all-round, harmonious and win-win cooperation in Japan and other overseas countries.



Wang also paid a visit to the headquarters of MUFG Bank, and had a meeting with the bank's deputy president Masato Miyachi, who introduced the bank's global business situation, and voiced the willingness of the bank to conduct in-depth communication and cooperation with SEP. Wang briefed SEP's multinational operation at home and abroad as well as its development conditions in Japan, and hoped that both sides could leverage respective advantages in future, and develop comprehensive cooperation in China, Japan and third-party market.


During his stay in Japan, Wang and his delegation also went to Tokyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. and held talks with the company. The related personnel of SEP International Business Department and SEP Japan participated in the meeting.

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