SEP Holds Annual General Meeting of 2018

On May 15, 2019, SEP held the Annual General Meeting of 2018 in Shanghai successfully. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan presided over the meeting, and also present were Supervisory Board Chairman Zhao Yazhou and CFO Chen Wenhao.



The meeting reviewed and passed 12 resolutions including the Board of Directors Work Report of 2018, the Board of Supervisors Work Report of 2018, and the Annual Financial Report of 2018 and Annual Financial Budget of 2019.



The company's shareholders and shareholder's representatives present at the meeting listened carefully to and reviewed various proposals and reports, highly affirmed the company's operation performance and all respects of work in 2018, with great expectations for the company's future development. Wang Yundan and the other company leaders seriously learned about the opinions and suggestions from the shareholders who attended the meeting, with detailed answers to questions such as the development prospect of offshore wind power, the company's operation situation, the progress of overseas projects and risk control which caused widespread concern from vast numbers of shareholders.



Wang extended sincere thanks to all shareholders for their long-term trust, care and support. He also expressed that the company's board of directors will continue to uphold the principle of creating maximum value for the shareholders in 2019, press ahead with unremitting efforts, make sure to complete various annual tasks and goals and strive to overfulfill them, endeavor to become a pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC in constructing a world-class clean energy enterprise, and work hard to create long-term investment returns with stable growth for the shareholders.


The company's shareholders, shareholder's representatives, leaders of related departments and the witnessing lawyers participated in the meeting. In addition to the on-site meeting, the company provided online voting for the public shareholders via the trading system and Internet voting platform of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which helped the minority shareholders exercise their rights.

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