SPIC Holds Regional Coordinated Development System Construction Research Forum in Shanghai

On March 22, 2019, SPIC Shanghai Area Coordinated Development System Construction Research Forum was held at SEP headquarters. SPIC Development Department Director General Hou Xuezhong presided over the forum.


Various subsidiaries of SPIC in Shanghai gave detailed reports on the status quo of regional marker development, electric power marketing, government relationship management and existing challenges, expressed that they will go all out to implement SPIC's strategic layout in Shanghai, provide strong support for and actively join in SPIC's construction of coordinated development system in Shanghai, and carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to make concerted efforts to strengthen market development, improve external resource sharing and realize high-quality development jointly.



Hou Xuezhong pointed out that building regional coordinated development system in Shanghai is an important bolster for executing SPIC's "first-class strategy in 2035",  and according to the characteristics of Shanghai area and various local subsidiaries, they will continue with in-depth research, form effective regional balanced development system and mechanism, and implement SPIC's requirements for regional development "trinity", i.e. market development, external communication and electricity marketing. He also required all the Shanghai-based subsidiaries to further give play to their respective resource advantage, make joint efforts to enhance government relationship, maintain SPIC's healthy development situation in Shanghai, keep improving its influence and brand image in Shanghai, and realize its regional benefit maximization.



At the meeting, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan delivered a report on the implementation and coordination relating to the strategic cooperation agreement signed between SPIC and Shanghai municipal government, analyzing the internal and external environment and characteristics in Shanghai, along with introduction to SEP's government relationship management, completion of various tasks assigned by SPIC and other associate organizations as well as resource sharing and common development with SPIC and other association companies in the process of operation and development at home and abroad.


Main leaders or heads of related business from SPIC General Office, Development Department, Nuclear Safety and Development Department, SEP, SPIC Talent College, SPIC Aluminum International Trading, SNERDI, SPIC Energy Engineering, SPERI, SNPEC, SNPAS, SNPSC, etc. were present at the forum.

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