Wang Yundan Attends 'Central SOEs' Visit to Yangpu District' Event

On February 21, 2019, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and Yangpu District People's Government jointly organized an event themed "Central SOEs' Visit to Yangpu District", which involved an inspection on the relevant resources along Yangpu Riverside area and a symposium. Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization Deputy Director Rong Zhiqin, Yangpu District Party Committee Secretary Li Yueqi, Yangpu District Mayor Xie Jiangang and other related leaders as well as representatives from 25 central SOEs attended the event. Chief Electricity Marketing Officer of SPIC Development Department Zhao Fengyun and SEP Chairman Wang Yundan delivered speeches at the event.



In his speech, Wang Yundan introduced the historical evolution and transformation development situation of Yangshupu Power Plant, as well as how SEP gathered resources to boost the development of Yangpu district, extending thanks to Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and Yangpu district Party committee and district government for their support and help.



Wang indicated that SEP will inherit the century-old historical and cultural connotations as well as revolutionary tradition of electricity industry, adopt a method combining new construction, reconstruction and conservation of old buildings, and construct Yangshupu Power Plant project into a new landmark integrating the industrial culture, "red culture" and Shanghai-style culture, while boosting the development of Yangpu district by means of building a regional smart energy center, converging energy, technological technology and related industries in Yangpu district, and attracting relevant enterprises along the industrial chain to settle in the district.


During the symposium, SEP Deputy President Xia Meixing signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Yangpu district government on behalf of the company. Both parties will adhere to planning from a high starting point, high-quality construction and high-level management, build Yangshupu Power Plant project into a benchmark project along the Huangpu River amid Shanghai's bid to make itself a global city of excellence, and in the meantime, focus on the main resources of both sides, further expand cooperation fields, and enrich the connotations of cooperation.


Investment Management Division Deputy Chief of SPIC Development Department Yang Jianyu, and related leaders of SEP Planning and Development Department and Yangshupu Power Plant joined in the event.

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