Wang Yundan, Yangpu District Mayor Inspect Yangshupu Power Plant

On December 20, 2018, Deputy Secretary of Yangpu District Party Committee and District Mayor Xie Jiangang, Yangpu District Standing Committee Member and Deputy District Mayor Ding Huanhuan, Deputy District Mayor Xu Jianhua and leaders of related committees, offices and bureaus went to Yangshupu Power Plant to conduct a research. SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy President Xia Meixing accompanied them on the trip and inspected cooperative development situation of Yangshupu Power Plant project.



Wang Yundan expressed warm welcome to the visit of Xie Jiangang and his delegation, and all of them climbed onto the roof on the 8th floor of Yangshupu Power Plant office building together to overlook the shoreline of Yangpu Riverside. Wang Yundan introduced the advancement of Yangshupu Power Plant project development and cooperation as well as the project planning to Xie, and extended thanks to Yangpu District Party Committee and District Government for their long-term caring and support. Xie sang high praise of SEP for the achievement made in Yangshupu Power Plant project development, and hoped the company to further complete all the following cooperative development work and boost transformation and development of Yangpu Riverside area.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Finance Department, Policy and Legal Affairs Department and Yangshupu Power Plant participated in the research.

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