Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization Leader Inspects SEP's Subsidiaries in Jiangsu

From November 28-30, 2018, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan accompanied Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization Lu Xiaochun and his delegation to Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project, Jianhu Fishery-PV Hybrid Power Project and Baoying PV Pioneer Project located in Jiangsu province to conduct a research. SPIC Jiangsu Company Executive Director and Party Secretary Wei Juliang and President and Deputy Party Secretary Xing Lianzhong participated in the research.



At the onshore centralized control center of Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project, Lu Xiaochun and his delegation inspected the operation situation of the center on site, and listened to the report on the feasibility study, approval, infrastructure installation, equipment selection and O&M management of the project delivered by Wang Yundan. During his visit, Lu Xiaochun conveyed greetings to the commissioning staff working on the offshore booster station via video.


At the construction operation site of Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project, Lu and his delegation embarked on the offshore hoisting platform, greeted the construction workers on site, presented them with gifts, and carried out a field investigation on the construction situation, technical parameters and work safety conditions of offshore wind turbine lifting.


Lu expressed that Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project should continue to uphold the concept of "safety first and quality as priority", strengthen organization and coordination and fine management, accelerate construction progress, and guarantee the goal of realizing grid connection with full capacity before December 20, in order to provide successful experience for the sustainable development of offshore wind power project.


At Fishery-PV Hybrid Power Project in Jianhu county, Lu listened to the report on the background of initiating the construction concept for fishery-PV hybrid power project, development process of the first fishery-PV hybrid power project in China, power plant O&M, fish farming situation as well as economic and social benefits to the enterprise and local community since the project completion.



Lu affirmed the development model of Jianhu Fishery-PV Hybrid Power Plant, especially the practice of promoting local economic development, and hoped the enterprise to insist on high-quality development requirement and further innovate PV power plant development and construction model.


At Baoying PV Pioneer Project, Lu and his delegation toured the PV array zone construction site, inquired about the construction scheme, construction progress and safety measures in detail, and urged the field construction staff to keep safety in mind and maintain good working state.


Lu spoke highly of SEP's development prospect in renewable energy, appreciated Baoying county government for its strong support and coordination, and also extended thanks to various construction participating companies for their work done in project organizational management, safety measures and engineering progress.



He indicated that Shanghai-based enterprises should demonstrate quality, efficiency and advanced nature in their outside investment projects, and also showcase the Shanghai spirit in seeking common development and city spirit in pursuing excellence. He wished everyone to keep up the good work and construct the project into a model project in SEP's renewable energy sector.


Wang Yundan also expressed that the project company should firstly reinforce coordination with the general contractor, communicate with local government departments actively, speed up handling of various adverse factors which influence the construction, and overcome the difficulties which impede the construction, secondly focus on safety implementation, and improve on-site project construction safety management with all types of practicable and effective management tools and methods, thirdly urge equipment manufacturers to ensure equipment supply at the project site, and fourthly continue to enhance engineering quality on the premise of safety guaranteed, persist in project construction with safety, quality and efficiency, and make sure that the project will be connected to the grid by December 30.


The related leaders of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Jiangsu Company and CPIPEC as well as persons in charge of relevant SEP departments and affiliated companies joined in the trip.

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