SEP Legal Service Shared Center Established

On October 24, 2018, SEP held an unveiling ceremony for the Legal Service Shared Center. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong and Xia Meixing, and CFO Chen Wenhao attended the ceremony, presided over by President Wang Huaiming.


Wang Yundan congratulated on the founding of Legal Service Shared Center. He expressed that the company's founding of the first legal service shared center in SPIC is in conformity with the objective of legal central enterprise construction as well as the concept of "lawful, scientific and strict corporate governance", marks the specific implementation of SPIC's requirements for strengthening management innovation and improving intensive management capability, and is also a practical measure of the company in multinational operation development management ability enhancement, especially legal management ability improvement.



Wang Yundan asked Legal Service Shared Center to resort to intensive and professional central management mode, keep improving legal service capability, expand legal subdivision service scope, focus on the company's key projects and major problems relating to operation and development, and offer high-quality, high-efficient and value-added legal services.


Wang Yundan stressed that the center should conduct work steadily with a long-term vision, give full play to the professional strength of its partners such as external legal service agencies while creating a professional and international legal service team within the company, construct a new corporate legal service management model, provide system and mechanism guarantee for the company's legal central enterprise construction, and explore experience for SPIC's construction of world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness.


The company's main leaders unveiled the nameplate of SEP Legal Service Shared Center together, marking that the center was put into substantial operation.



The related leaders of SEP General Office, Human Resources Department, Science and Information Technology Department, Policy and Legal Affairs Department and SEP Investment joined in the ceremony.

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