Wei Suo Inspects SEP's Affiliated Companies

On May 30, 2018, SPIC Party Leadership Group Member and Vice President Wei Suo went to several affiliated companies of SEP including Minhang Gas-fired Power Generation, SEP Operation and Wujing Power Plant to conduct a survey together with a delegation. Also present were SPIC Chief Legal Officer and General Manager of Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department Wu Aihong and SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan.



At Minhang Gas-fired Power Generation, Wei Suo learned about the progress of Minhang Gas-fired Power Generation Project, the technical route of the first H-class gas turbine in China and the negotiation situation of long-term contract in detail, and inspected the project site. He fully affirmed SEP's efforts devoted to striving for Minhang Gas-fired Power Generation Project, while requiring SEP to establish a good platform for the project, consolidate all related resources, and cultivate more talents in the process of gas turbine construction, operation and maintenance, in order to make contributions for SPIC's special project on heavy-duty gas turbine.



At SEP Operation, Wei listened to the work report on domestic and overseas projects undertaking by the company, visited the showroom for Iraq Wassit Project, and held a cordial exchange with Yan Lin, who was honored as "Shanghai Craftswoman" in the first annual selection of Shanghai Craftsman. Wei praised SEP for encouraging and supporting service enterprises to "go global" as well as the achievements made in this process. He also asked SEP to summarize the successful experience in the "going global" process seriously, and attempt to play a more important role in the new round of system reform of SPIC.



At Wujing Power Plant, Wei carried out a field research on the "Technician Tang Bin Innovation Studio", which was named after an employee at the power plant, and acquired a detailed understanding of the high-end equipment repair technology, work process and innovative technology independently researched and developed by the studio. He appreciated the employees led by Tang Bin for their craftsmanship spirit, and encouraged them to make more accomplishments in electricity transformation and development, technological innovation, etc.


The leaders of SPIC General Office, Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department as well as related departments and affiliated companies of SEP participated in the inspection.

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