SEP Holds 1st Joint Meeting for 2nd Session of 3rd Workers' Congress

On April 17, 2018, SEP held the First Joint Meeting for the Second Session of the Third Workers' Congress at the company headquarters in Shanghai. Wang Huaiming, SEP President and Deputy Party Secretary, and Gu Ai, SEP Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman, were present at the meeting.


Wang Huaiming and Gu Ai signed the Special Collective Contract on Salary Negotiation on behalf of the enterprise and the employees respectively. In line with the relevant regulations of Shanghai Municipal Labor Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the company solicited opinions and suggestions from the staff of various affiliates and subsidiaries extensively, focused on improving the clauses concerning the vital interests of the employees including sick leaves and sick leave treatment for sickness or non-work-related injury, reached consensus after negotiation between both sides of the enterprise and the employees, and finally passed the contract through secret ballot by all the participants of the joint meeting. In addition, Tang Bing, Director of SEP Party-masses Work Department (Labor Union Office) was elected by secret ballot as the delegate to attend the 14th Shanghai Trade Union Congress at the meeting.



A total of 27 people, including the members of the presidium, head of delegations, leaders of special committees and members of labor union committee for the company's Second Session of the Third Workers' Congress, main leaders of Human Resources Department and Labor Union Office, and related personnel, participated in the meeting.

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