Wang Huaiming Inspects Liangji New Energy Huzhou PV Power Plant

On April 11, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming led a team to Huzhou Honghui PV Power Plant developed by Liangji New Energy to conduct a safety inspection.



Wang Huaiming and his delegation examined the situation of booster station, central control room, 35KV switchgear room, equipment room, PV power plant site and box transformer, carefully checked the safety learning of shift teams, shift chief's log, plant area access log book and related account record, and listened to the report by Liangji New Energy General Manager Su Dong on the general situation of the power plant, safety duty execution of leading cadres and O&M situation of the power plant.



Wang Huaiming put forward a few requirements as follows: first, all levels of leading cadres should carry out their duties strictly, with the plant/department-chief-level cadres setting an example and leading middle management personnel to perform their work safety responsibility; second, improve management on O&M teams, eradicate the phenomenon of replacing management by outsourcing, unify outsourcing employment standards, implement process management and supervision, and Wujing Power Plant should earnestly enhance the power plant O&M management quality and level; third, strengthen the security of plant area, realize enclosed management of production area, and urge relevant fishery companies to boost safety management; fourth, reinforce the cleaning of PV panels and related modules; fifth, pay high attention to the anti-corrosion of support brackets and pile foundations.


The main leaders of SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Liangji New Energy and Wujing Power Plant participated in the inspection.

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