SPIC Panel Conducts HSE Management Tool Reassessment on SEP

From March 27-30, 2018, an SPIC evaluation panel led by General Manager of SPIC Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department Tao Xinjian went to SEP headquarters and its affiliated power plants including Tianji Power Plant, Wujing Thermal Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration to conduct a four-day HSE management tool reassessment. On March 30, the close meeting on HSE management tool reassessment was held at the company headquarters, and SEP President Wang Huaiming attended the meeting.


Tao Xinjian fully affirmed the arrangement and promotion of SEP senior management in HSE management tool popularization and application in person, as well as the company's work and achievements gained in QHSE management, which maintained the advanced level within SPIC. He also raised a few requirements for SEP regarding work safety management as follows:



First, he hoped SEP to develop more explorations and innovations as regards integrating HSE management tool with management process, in order to provide good practice for SPIC which could be reproduced and popularized.


Second, he hoped the company to continue to execute the ISO and OHSAS system construction of QHSE focusing on quality management, in order to provide experience for exploring the integrated management system of safety, quality and environmental protection on behalf of SPIC.


Third, he hoped the company to strengthen work safety management and safeguard work safety stability centering on the key tasks of SPIC's work safety, in order to make contributions to realizing SPIC's work safety goals.


Wang Huaiming expressed welcome to the visit of the evaluation panel led by Tao Xinjian, appreciated SPIC Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and evaluation panel for their care, instruction and support given to SEP. Moreover, he made a few remarks as follows:


Firstly, SEP will work out a rectification plan timely according to the requirement of the evaluation panel, and finish closed-loop rectification as scheduled.


Secondly, the company will endeavor to push forward mechanism innovation and safety culture construction, focus on the effectiveness and pertinence of HSE management tool, and improve work safety management efficiency.


Thirdly, the company will strive to advance quality management innovation, take introduction of performance excellence model as the carrier based on the standard implementation certification of QHSE system, and explore the integration and systematization of QHSE management positively.


Fourthly, the company will comprehensively implement various requirements from SPIC's key tasks on safety, quality and environmental work, promote key tasks including whole-staff work safety responsibility system, contractor safety management and shift team safety construction collaboratively, and make sure to complete work safety objectives.


The leaders of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department participated in the meeting.

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