Wang Huaiming Inspects Project in Hunan

From March 22-24, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to Development and Reform Commission (DRC) of Hunan Province to make communication and report, visited SPIC Wuling Power Corporation Ltd. (Wuling Power) to conduct exchanges, and inspected the site of 4×20 MWp agriculture-PV hybrid power generation project located in Beijinggang Town, Huarong County, Yueyang of Central China's Hunan Province.


Wang Huaiming introduced SEP's operation and development to Liu Nianlai, Deputy Director of DRC and Energy Bureau Chief of Hunan Province, and Fu Peigen, Deputy Director of DRC and Energy Bureau Chief of Yueyang, expressing the willingness to participate in the investment and construction of PV power projects and related poverty alleviation in Hunan actively.


Liu Nianlai gave an introduction to the related policy on new energy development in Hunan, and expressed welcome to SEP for its investment in Hunan. Both sides held in-depth discussions on PV poverty alleviation in Hunan, new energy consumption, etc., and enhanced mutual understanding.



At Wuling Power, Wang Huaiming visited the company's centralized control center for power generation, dam safety management center and centralized control center for new energy, and held exchanges with the company's chairman Yao Xiaoyan. Both parties expressed the wishes of mutual support and cooperation in the field of new energy, in order to forge a strong alliance and make contributions to SPIC's strategic development.


At the project site, Wang stressed the importance of work safety, and encouraged frontline staff to make persistent efforts, to improve work planning, to keep accumulating experience and enhancing management, and to accomplish project development, construction, production and management with high standard and good quality.



In addition, Wang and his delegation paid respective visits to the main leaders of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited and Yueyang Power Supply Company, in order to get their understanding and support for SEP's local development.


The related leaders of SEP New Energy participated in the above activities.

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