SEP Holds Excellent Headquarters Construction Promotion Kick-off Meeting

On March 16, 2018, SEP held the kick-off meeting on promoting the construction work of excellent headquarters, in order to study and deploy specific tasks for the company headquarters to carry out excellent performance construction work, mobilize various departments and staff at the headquarters to unify their thoughts and understanding, clarify related tasks and focus on implementing them, combine improving the multinational operation development management work at the headquarters, take the Criteria for Performance Excellence as the guidance, push forward excellent headquarters construction comprehensively, and accomplish performance excellence evaluation work at the headquarters. The meeting was presided over by SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, and SEP Deputy President Guo Baohong, President of Shanghai Association for Quality Tang Xiaofen, and Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Association for Quality Guo Zheng attended the meeting.



Wang noted that the introduction of performance excellence model has an important significance for promoting excellent headquarters construction work, which provides an opportunity for the company to grasp the high-quality development stage, and is the company's internal need to build a world-class integrated energy enterprise with global competitiveness as well as a diagnostic instrument for the company to further improve and perfect the existing management system. He raised a few requirements for pushing forward excellent headquarters construction as follows: first, the company should pay high attention to it and take the initiative to assume related duties, with various departments to play their respective roles actively and make joint efforts to complete the task, in the hopes that the company leaders and heads of all departments could take the lead to conduct in-depth study of the Criteria for Performance Excellence, to seek for vulnerable spots and to make rectifications and improvements, in order to lay a theoretical and ideological basis for the company to introduce excellence model in a real sense; second, the company should take relevant standard as reference, and focus on improvement, with various department leaders, especially the work group members, to fully understand the standard, conduct self-evaluation and self-improvement under the guidance and instruction of consultants from Zhongde Technology Center, summarize and refine the company's practice and experience in operation and management development, and compile a self-valuation report (including confirmatory materials) and report material with characteristics and highlights so as to apply to Shanghai Association for Quality before end-July; third, the company should emphasize on solidarity, cooperation and continuous improvement. The company put forward the action plan of "three steps to go in three years aimed at quality award" in that it would work step by step, execute PDCA cycle again and again, and further enhance the company's operation and management quality through continuous improvement, in order to realize the goal to build a world-class integrated energy enterprise with world competitiveness.



Tang Xiaofen pointed out that SEP's comprehensive introduction of performance excellence model is not only the implementation of the Party Central Committee's requirement for high-quality development, but also the exploration of "going global" and multinational operation by way of international language and a wonderful turnaround of quality management through performance excellence. She hoped the company to follow the requirement of performance excellence management, accumulate experience and make better contributions to constructing Shanghai into an excellent city.



The meeting announced the leading group and working group for promoting the construction work of excellent headquarters, with a detailed explanation on the three-year planning and specific implementation steps in 2018. Dong Jiade, an expert from Shanghai Association for Quality gave a training class on the publicity and implementation of the Criteria for Performance Excellence, with a profound introduction to the basic concept and features of performance excellence as well as the method and basic path to introduce performance excellence model in simple terms.


A total of 40 people, including the company's General Counsel Wu Ming, leaders of various departments, members of the working group and the consultants from Zhongde Technology Center, participated in the meeting.

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