Wang Yundan Visits Iraq Wassit Project Showroom

On February 26, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan, accompanied by SEP Operation Party Secretary and General Manager Lu Xingkang, went to SEP Operation to visit the showroom for Iraq Wassit Project.


The showroom has a broad outline from the construction, commissioning, O&M, training and the successful handover of the Phase I 4×330MW and Phase II 2×610MW Oil-fired Power Plant Projects at Iraq Wassit Power Plant, which fully reflects the development process of the project. With a concise exhibition arrangement and rich content, the showroom is divided into four parts as follows: first is the project introduction, including the background of the project and the general situation of the project department; second is the project's development process and achievements made, which demonstrates how the various key milestones were completed smoothly under the care and support of SEP leaders and all related companies participating in the construction and also won recognition from the Iraqi government and the project owner; third is the Party construction work of the project; fourth is the physical exhibits and video introduction of the project department.



Wang Yundan listened to the introduction of the showroom by Lu Xingkang, while reviewing the development history of Iraq Wassit Project. He highly appreciated the showroom for its rich content, plain and solemn layout as well as profound meaning. Through diversified exhibition forms including texts, pictures, real objects and videos, the showroom could bring wonderful memories to those who experienced the project's development process and bring knowledge and enlightenment to visitors, and thus realize the goal to "preserve history for education". He hoped the showroom to inspire sense of mission and sense of responsibility in every visitor, and further enhance the staff's will power to roll up their sleeves and work hard to accomplish the objective to "build another SEP by 2020".


The related leaders of SEP General Office and Party-masses Work Department participated in the event.

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