SEP Sends Warm Blessing to Staff Before Lantern Festival

On the eve of the Lantern Festival, SEP President and Deputy Party Secretary Wang Huaiming paid a call to retired veteran cadres and sick employees, and brought holiday blessings to them.



In the home of Shen Buwan, a centenarian at Minhang Power Plant, Wang Huaiming inquired after his health and family life conditions, and expressed New Year blessing to him, wishing him a happy life, good health and a long life. Shen extended thanks to the company leaders for their long-term care, and gave a thumb up to the company's achievements gained in recent years' development.



At the home of Huang Wei, a sick employee at Caojing Power Plant, Wang Huaiming had a cordial talk with him, and encouraged his family members and him to overcome difficulties and concentrate on treatment. Huang Wei's parents, who are already in their 70s, said that the company leaders have been paying home visits from time to time since Huang fell ill four years ago, which instilled plenty of warm and positive energy into their family.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Party-masses Work Department and related affiliated companies participated in the visit.

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