SEP Leaders Extend Lunar New Year Greetings to Staff

On February 23, 2018, the first working day after the week-long Spring Festival holiday, all in the headquarters building of SEP have thrown themselves into work, with the New Year greetings repeatedly aired on TV at the headquarters lobby heightening the festive atmosphere.



At 8:30 am, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan, Deputy Party Secretary and President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai, Deputy Presidents Huang Chen and Xia Meixing, CFO Chen Wenhao and Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Li E visited all the employees at the company headquarters and various affiliated companies located in the headquarters building, extended Lunar New Year's greetings to everyone, and presented lucky bamboos which symbolize progress and good fortune.



SEP leaders visited 17 departments of the company headquarters, shook hands warmly with all the employees and extended New Year greetings to them. Reviewing the course of hard work in 2017 and looking forward to the fresh goals in 2018, they hoped all the staff to make new contributions to the improvement of multinational operation capacity and construction of excellent headquarters.



At SEP Investment, SEPM, KE project team, Shangtan, EMBA and other overseas subsidiaries located in the building, SEP leaders expressed thanks to all for their huge contributions made to the company's overseas development. With respect to the new pattern of the company's overseas development this year, they hoped all the staff to keep up the good work, continue to carry forward the "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit to walk thousands of miles, make concerted efforts to improve the company's multinational operation, and guarantee more fruitful and fresher breakthroughs and achievements in overseas development.



At Integrated Energy, Dafeng Offshore Wind Power, Hemei Energy, SEP New Energy, Liangji New Energy, SEP Crelead, Yishan New Energy and other affiliated companies, the company leaders fully affirmed the combatant spirit of everyone confronted with various challenges in their respective areas, and vowed to encourage and lend support to them for their constant self-improvement and trail-blazing measures.


The company leaders also visited the staff at the dispatching center, Ronghe Financial Leasing and heavy-duty gas turbine project, and sent New Year wishes to them.


In 2018, all staff of SEP will seriously implement the policy arrangement of SPIC and the working requirement of Shanghai municipal Party committee and municipal government, stick to comprehensive enhancement of Party leadership and construction, persist in practicing the new development concept and high-quality development demand, adhere to the enterprise culture of "Inheritance, Innovation and Excellence", make sure to achieve and strive to exceed the annual goals and tasks, and deliver a satisfactory answer sheet that is worthy of the mission of the age to the two major strategic subjects of SPIC, i.e., building a world-class integrated energy group and constructing a modern SOE system with Chinese characteristic, and to the great practice of constructing Shanghai into an excellent global city.

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