Wang Huaiming Inspects Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project

On January 9, 2018, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to the site of SEP Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project to conduct an inspection, and visited the leaders of Yancheng City Government and Yancheng City Oceanic Administration.



At the fabrication and installation base of offshore booster station, Wang Huaiming had a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process of booster platform and offshore pipe pile, the arrival situation of equipment and materials and the construction organization.


At the construction site of onshore centralized control center site-leveling project, Wang Huaiming examined the project site and raised a few suggestions.



Afterwards, he listened to the report made by various companies participating in the construction at the conference room of the project department. He affirmed Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project for accomplishing the major milestone of completing the construction of the first two offshore pile foundations by the end of 2017, and expressed thanks to all related parties for their collaborative efforts. Wang Huaiming noted that the project is the first offshore wind power project developed and constructed by SEP with the farthest offshore distance in the country, and thus the project department must ensure the safety and quality throughout the construction process, focus on details and implementation from the beginning of engineering design and construction, and strive to construct the project into a high-quality offshore wind power project. Moreover, he required the project department pay special attention to the key milestones such as offshore booster platform, submarine cable laying, onshore centralized control center and grid connection project, make overall plans and coordinate various links including construction design drawing, material supply, processing arrangement and construction organization, organize and implement carefully, endeavor to realize the milestone of onshore centralized control center civil construction before the Spring Festival in 2018, and aim for the grid synchronization of the first unit of the project by the end of May.


Wang Huaiming also visited Li Yihao, Deputy Mayor of Yancheng, and Mi Hai, Chief of Yancheng City Oceanic Administration. He expressed sincere thanks to Yancheng City Government and Yancheng City Oceanic Administration for their caring, guidance, support and help for SEP and Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project, and asked them to care and support the project construction as always and instruct and assist in SEP's further development in Yancheng.



Li Yihao and Mi Hai both vowed to bolster SEP's investment and development in Yancheng, and provide good service for the construction of Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project.


SEP Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng and leaders of SEP Planning and Development Department, Engineering Management Department and related companies joined in the inspection.

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