Wang Yundan Visits Wujing Power Plant on New Year's Day, Conducts Safety Inspection

On January 1, 2018, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and his delegation arrived at Wujing Power Plant, went to the control room of Unit 8 and Unit 9 and the rehabilitation site of closed coal yard, greeted the staff who remained at their posts during the holiday, visited "Tang Bin High-end Equipment Remanufacturing Technological Service Center", and carried out safety inspection.



Wang Yundan publicized and implemented the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress, listened to the work report made by Zhang Jian, SEP Deputy Chief Economist and GM of Wujing Power Plant, fully affirmed the power plant's achievements made in 2017 regarding fuel management, on-site civilized production, economic indicator control and positive planning of "going global", and also spoke highly of "Tang Bin High-end Equipment Remanufacturing Technological Service Center" founded by the power plant for encouraging the staff to be upbeat and work hard and instilling new life into the enterprise.



Wang raised a few requirements for the next-step work as follows: first, stick to value creation, base on the overall safety, drive the old enterprise to develop with creativity and systematic thinking, adopt Pareto principle to grasp the focus and key points of things and carry out the work, attempt to stimulate the creative spirit of the staff team and even the overall enterprise, adhere to "going global", serve the surrounding communities and new energy sector, and devote to development and application of creative and high-end projects; second, pay special attention to quality management, focus more on the role of quality in QHSE management system, let quality awareness become employees' daily habit, emphasize on quality improvement and enhancement through PDCA cycle, "do right things and do things in a right way", and thus Wujing Power Plant should summarize good practice and bright spots and popularize them positive within SEP; third, promote harmonious development of the enterprise, carry out innovation in a harmonious atmosphere, earnestly care for those employees working outside Shanghai and overseas as well as their family, focus on inheritance and training of staff, and build a staff team meeting the need of enterprise transformation and the new situation.



The leaders of SEP General Office, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Production Department, Fuel Management Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Party-masses Work Department and related affiliated company participated in the inspection.

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