SEP Holds Secrecy Committee Meeting in 2017

On December 13, SEP held the Secrecy Committee Meeting in 2017. SEP President, Deputy Party Secretary and Director of Secrecy Committee Wang Huaiming presided over the meeting, and Deputy President and Deputy Director of Secrecy Committee Xia Meixing attended the meeting.



The meeting participants learned the related stipulation and requirement of the Notice on Implementing Secrecy Work and National Security Work Joint Inspection issued by SPIC, listened to the Secrecy Work Report of 2017 by SEP Secrecy Office and the preparation work plan for inspection, and signed the Secrecy Responsibility Agreement.



The meeting discussed and determined the specific requirements for the company's secrecy work as follows: first, pay special attention to and comprehensively implement secrecy work responsibility system; second, strengthen learning and publicity of secrecy work in order to increase secrecy awareness; third, establish a sound secrecy work regulation and execute secrecy discipline to the letter; fourth, reinforce review and appraisal work, and build a strict accountability system; fifth, spare no effort to prepare for the upcoming inspection.


Also present at the meeting were the members of SEP secrecy committee, members of the company's Secrecy Office and the secrecy coordinators of various departments.

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