Wang Huaiming Inspects Tianji Power Plant

On December 5, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming, State Grid East China Branch Deputy General Manager Huang Xiaoxi, Director of Anhui Office of East China Energy Regulatory Bureau of National Energy Administration Liu Pingfan and their delegation went to Tianji Power Plant to conduct a survey.



Wang Huaiming expressed thanks to State Grid East China Grid Corporation and East China Energy Regulatory Bureau for their long-term caring, support and help. He gave a brief introduction to Tianji Power Plant's achievements made in production and operation, technical management, technological innovation and talent cultivation. He expressed that the company will follow the dispatching and command of State Grid East China Branch, make joint efforts to ensure the safety of power grid.


During his survey, Huang Xiaoxi noted that SEP has made remarkable development in recent years, and that Tianji Power Plant as a coal and electricity production joint venture plays an indispensable role in safeguarding power grid security and reliable power supply and shows strong economic competence. He hoped the power plant to further improve safety management and O&M management, participate in the electricity trade in the local market of East China more actively, and carry out in-depth communication and cooperation.


Liu Pingfan affirmed the achievement and contribution of the power plant, and required SEP and the power plant to further enhance safety management, participate in the electricity market reform positively and construct Tianji Power Plant into a benchmarking power plant in the sector.


On December 6, Wang Huaiming conducted a safety inspection on Tianji Power Plant.



Wang Huaiming listened to the work report on the safety inspection in autumn and winter made by the power plant. He called on the power plant to complete the winter safety inspection related work, draw up rectification plans regarding the problems found out in self-examination and peer examination conducted by the other power plants and implement the plans in place, and set clear objectives, unify standards and put forward construction for shift team safety management.


Wang Huaiming also visited the outsourcing maintenance team, inquired about their daily management and safety activities, checked their safety activity record, personal protective equipment, team staff record, etc.


Regarding outsourcing team management, he stressed that the power plant should include outsourcing team in work safety guarantee and supervision system to realize full coverage and accomplish safety standardization management of key person in the outsourcing team.


He noted that the power plant should actively adapt to the change of electricity market, focus on real practice and solid work, maintain the equipment at a healthy level, and strive to produce more electricity in winter.



Under the witness of Wang Huaiming, the intelligent micro-grid energy storage system was synchronized with the grid successfully at the power plant. He also attended the structural roof-sealing ceremony of shift team staff dormitory building, requiring the power plant and related construction company to ensure construction safety solidly, control quality and construction cost strictly and make sure to complete the project on schedule.


The leaders of SEP Planning and Development Department, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and related affiliated companies joined in the survey.

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