Wang Yundan Inspects SEP Turkish Subsidiary

From October 30 to November 2, 2017, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, Deputy President and Chairman of SEP's Turkish subsidiaryEMBA Electricity Production Inc. (EMBA)Huang Chen and their delegation visited Turkey to meet with Fatih D?nmez, Undersecretary of Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Mustafa Yilmaz, Chairman of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and M. Mustafa ?zge?, Deputy General Manager of TEIAS. During the stay in Turkey, they paid a visit to Yu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, and Qian Bo, Chinese Consul General in Istanbul.



Wang Yundan extended thanks to Turkish Energy Ministry and EMRA for their help and support lent to Hunutlu project. He also introduced the project development, next-step working plan, and stated that SEP will actively explore and develop power distribution, retail and renewable energy businesses following the commencement of field leveling and orderly progress of site construction. Undersecretary of Turkish Energy Ministry Fatih D?nmez and EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yilmaz both expressed their caring and recognition for SEP's project implementation in Turkey, and vowed support for the company's further development locally as usual.


At TEIAS, Wang Yundan held a positive and friendly conversation on the grid connection of Hunutlu project with the company's Deputy GM Mustafa, who welcomed SEP to invest in Turkey, and noted that TEIAS will be ready to serve as a linkage between the power plant and users, and will accelerate the power grid construction to meet the demand of power plants.


Chinese Ambassador to Turkey Yu Hongyang pointed out that Hunutlu Thermal Power Project invested by SEP in Turkey is the biggest greenfield investment project invested by Chinese enterprise in the country, which has a great significance for bilateral cooperation. He raised a few guiding suggestions for the next-step work of the project, and expressed willingness to offer help for the smooth progress of the project.


At Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul, Consul General Qian Bo affirmed SEP's investment in Turkey, and noted that he will enhance contacts with the company and promote cooperation and communication. He also suggested that SEP attach importance to Party construction and safety in local operation, and strengthen research on public opinion, market trend, etc.


Wu Ming, SEP General Counsel and Executive Director of EMBA, Dai Sufeng, SEP Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering Management Department, and related personnel of SEP International Business Department and EMBA participated in the above events.


On November 1, Wang Yundan and Huang Chen attended the mobilization meeting of Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant field leveling commencement. EMBA as the project owner and relevant companies participating in the project reported their respective preparation work.



Wang Yundan fully affirmed the achievements made by the project in the preliminary stage, and asked all the participating companies to unite as one and reach harmony and win-win situation. He indicated that Hunutlu project is completely in line with the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, the Belt and Road Initiative and the national strategy, which is the biggest greenfield project developed by SEP in recent years, and also the largest China-invested project in Turkey. He also required all the participating companies to seize the strategic opportunities, keep strategic positioning, and strive to construct the best environment-friendly coal-fired power plant in Turkey with high reliability and efficiency. He put forward a few requirements for the engineering construction from the aspects of safety, quality, schedule and construction cost.


Huang Chen expressed that all the participating companies should have confidence in the project, which has won approval from both Chinese and Turkish governments and has gained strong support from SPIC. He also required all the companies to remain sober-minded with risk awareness, allocate human resources in place as soon as possible, and construct a first-class coal-fired power plant with first-class team spirit and project management.


SEP, AVIC International Project Engineering Company, EMBA and relevant participating companies were present at the meeting.



On November 2, Wang Yundan and AVIC International Chairman Zhang Yan attended the regulation releasing meeting at EMBA. Following the meeting, Chinese and Turkish employees held a meeting of exchange, where everyone present voiced their experience and feelings about working at EMBA one by one, with a number of reasonable suggestions. The exchange meeting was wrapped up in a lively and harmonious atmosphere, which enhanced the cohesion between Chinese and Turkish staff.


The staff from SEP, AVIC International and EMBA participated in the meeting.

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