Wang Yundan Attends New Staff Forum of 2017

On October 27, SEP held the new staff forum of 2017 atSPIC Talent College. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan attended the forum and had cordial exchanges with the new staff.


Wang Yundan welcomed all the new staff to join SEP on behalf of the company. He noted that from the perspective of international situation, the world economic growth has slowed down, science and technology started to lead the trend of the times, and traditional energy enterprises and energy manufacturers have been confronted with tremendous pressure and challenge of "to change or to die" under such circumstances. Enterprises should learn lessons and experience from their counterparts home and abroad, seek "crossover" development and follow low-carbon and environmental protection requirements in order to achieve profitability and success. As regards the domestic situation, the company's leapfrog development in the past 30 years relied on the country's rapid growth, leading the industry's development in various aspects from introducing technology to mastering core technology, and thus the company has become the industrial benchmark and established the goal of "the winner takes it all". In order to stay as "best" and become "better", the enterprise needs inter-disciplinary talent in various fields for its business development. "The specialty of every new employee will make contribution to the company's sustainable development, innovative development and structural adjustment," Wang said, hoping all of them to "want to work, be ready to work, capable of work and succeed to work".



Wang pointed out that the transformation and future of the enterprise depends on the youth, and the new staff should aim high while working in a down-to-earth manner. At present, all types of overseas and domestic work and businesses of the company have been in progress orderly and effectively. Nonetheless, various risks relating to multinational operation, repositioning as "an integrated smart energy supplier and service provider", and the objective of "building another SEP by 2020", all of these called on the young people to grow up and become talents more quickly amid difficulties, find suitable positions and open up their knowledge structure. He asked the new employees to "study all over again and study according to the current situation".


Wang also raised a few requirements as follows: first, be just, fair and open, stay true to the mission, and treat colleagues and mentors with a broad mind; second, be loyal to the Party, the country, the enterprise and the family; third, have multi-faceted capabilities, including working capacity, individual hobbies and interests and a wonderful personal life. He wished all the new staff to have a perfect life, live happily and enjoy their career in SEP.



A total of 70 new employees were present at the forum, who graduated from well-known universities home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, University of Hong Kong, University of London, University of Sydney and Northwestern University. They gave self-introduction one by one, shared their feelings during the boot camp, and expressed their belief and resolution to realize SEP's "green energy dream" with unremitting efforts and hard work.


Wang Yundan presented two books including "Craftsman's Spirit" and "Energy Change: The Ultimate Challenge" to the new staff as a gift, and shook hands with every one of them.


The leaders of SEP Human Resources Department and Youth League Committee participated in the meeting.

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