SEP Holds Soft Science Project Initiating Meeting on Multinational Operation Development Management Improvement

In order to unify the understanding the significance on improving SEP headquarters' multinational operation and development management throughout the company, deploy and arrange the implementation of the company's soft science research project, and assist the company in further transforming to a multinational enterprise with global competitiveness, SEP held the soft science project initiating meeting on improving the company headquarters' multinational operation and development management capability. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan presided over the meeting, and SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai, CFO Chen Wenhao, and Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Li E attended the meeting.



Wang Yundan noted that improving SEP headquarters' multinational operation and development management is a specific requirement for SPIC's international business development, an internal need for the company to build an innovative and international modern energy enterprise, and also an important way to further strengthen and improve the existing management system.


Wang Yundan put forward a few requirements for promoting the soft science research project as follows: first, pay high attention to and take an active role in the project, with the leadership and persons in charge of various departments taking the lead to think deeply, look for vulnerable points and make corrections and improvements; second, pinpoint the problems, enhance key areas, focus on those crucial problems and key links relating to capability improvement which call for immediate solution, and push forward the construction of excellent headquarters in all fields by drawing upon the experience gained on key points; third, advocate solidarity, cooperation and resource sharing, and all the departments of SEP headquarters should follow related arrangements and requirements, carry out various tasks regarding the research project in an orderly fashion, and keep in close contact with the working group of the project.



The company leaders present at the meeting shared their own thoughts and feelings about the research project, with detailed opinions and requests in terms of the next-step work. Deloitte, the project adviser, introduced the scheme of the soft science research project at the meeting.


A total of 30 persons, including SEP Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng, various department heads, research project working group members and advisers from Deloitte, participated in the meeting.

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