Wang Yundan Lectures to Cadre Training Class of 2017

On October 12, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan gave a lecture to the first batch of students from plant/department-chief-level cadre training class of 2017, with the title of "Strengthen quality management work, and enhance quality work level".



Combining the country's development need, SPIC's strategic choice and SEP's "going global" strategic need, Wang Yundan elaborated quality management regarding the definition, process, method and new thought of quality as follows: what quality management is, and how to achieve quality management from the perspective of valuing "Q" in the QHSE management system, giving full play to QHSE as well as dealing with the relations between QHSE and lean management properly.


Centering on the company's strategic development need, the training course for plant/department-chief-level cadres in 2017 covered a series of themes such as current news events, management innovations, going global and industry focus, with the aim to enhance leaders' comprehensive quality including awareness, knowledge and skills. Huang Shuo, director of financial and economic commentary department from Nanfang Media Group, and senior professors from well-known colleges and institutions were also invited to give lessons.


The training course for plant/department-chief-level cadres is divided to four sessions, with a total of around 140 trainees from SEP and its subordinated companies attending the four-day closed-door training.

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