Wang Huaiming Boosts PV Pioneer Base Project in Baoying County, Yangzhou

From September 25-26, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming led a team to visit relevant leaders of Yangzhou City Government, Development and Reform Commission (DRC) and Baoying County Government, and conducted communication on SEP's participation in Baoying PV Pioneer Base and other related matters. SEP New Energy GM Zhou Yao and Party Secretary Yu Jian accompanied Wang on the trip.



Wang Huaiming introduced to the leaders of Yangzhou and Baoying county about the general situation and development strategy of SEP, focusing on the company's industrial layout in Jiangsu and Yangzhou as well as it experience and advantages in new energy investment. He expressed that SEP will actively respond to the requirements of local government, listen to the opinions and suggestions of local government, forge a solid strategic partnership with Tianji Zhonghuan Group, spare no effort to promote the implementation of the industry concerned by the government, form dual-wheel drive of industry and investment, and realize win-win cooperation between government and enterprises. He also hoped the local government to lend strong support and help to SEP in Baoying PV Base Project.


The relevant leaders of Yangzhou and Baoying county extended warm welcome to the visit of SEP, while the leadership of Baoying County Party Committee and Government vowed full support for SEP and Tianji Zhonghuan in Baoying PV Base Project construction. In addition, Wang Huaiming held talks with Secretary General of Yangzhou City Government and Director of DRC of Yangzhou, and both sides conducted preliminary discussion on broader cooperation in energy sector between SEP and Yangzhou in the future.

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