SPIC Convenes ERP System Construction Symposium in Shanghai

On September 22, SPIC convened a symposium on ERP system construction in Shanghai. SPIC Party Member and Vice President We Suo attended the symposium, which was presided over by Zhu Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager of Science and Technology Management Department. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan delivered a welcome speech.



The symposium reviewed the process of ERP system construction by SPIC, summed up current results and effect, analyzed gaps and defects, and discussed the thoughts on the next-phase work, in order to expand the coverage of ERP system, push forward in-depth application of ERP comprehensively and promote further improvement of SPIC's overall management.



Wei Suo pointed out that SPIC established the strategic positioning as an innovative international and integrated energy group at its inception. Informatization construction is a main content of modernization, an important tool and method of modern enterprise management, as well as a major technological support for SPIC to implement strategic management and control. As regards the international development of SPIC, informatization serves as an important means of international and multinational enterprise management, and also a major carrier for SPIC to implement its management ideas, systems and requirements in various countries and regions. In the process of informatization construction, ERP system, as a vital foundation, is not only a main platform for us to carry out smart enterprise construction, but also a major data source for our big data center construction. After several years' construction, SPIC's ERP system has acquired remarkable results as follows: first, the system has reached a certain degree of coverage, and standardized management played a positive role in promoting SPIC's standardization construction; second, through system construction, everyone has developed further knowledge and understanding regarding the significance and function of ERP system, with ever-increasing level of recognition; third, the system construction has also contributed to team training and talent cultivation. Moreover, those companies with a good performance in ERP system construction set a good example, provided reference for ERP system construction, and laid a solid foundation for SPIC's follow-up work in ERP.


Wei Suo raised a few requirements for the next-phase work as follows: first, build an informatization platform on operation, management and control for SPIC based on ERP system; second, further enhance ERP application level, and give full play to the value of ERP system; third, expand ERP application of overseas companies, and provide enterprise management support for realizing SPIC’s "Going Global" strategy; fourth, strengthen organization management, top design and overall management of ERP construction, as well as planning, objective, quality, application and investment management; fifth, reinforce construction of informatization talent team; sixth, enhance practical assessment on informatization construction and application.


Wei Suo highly affirmed SEP's ERP construction. He required the company to aim at informatization enterprise, base on ERP construction, assist SPIC in smart enterprise development, actively adapt to the new trend and new business pattern of "Internet Plus", adopt a series of information technology including internet, cloud computing and big data, follow the management informatization thought of "resource allocation on performance orientation, business driven by resource planning and strategic realization on operation optimization", continue to optimize and improve SPIC's ERP system construction, and realize management of "watt" by "bit" through deepening enterprise data utilization and mining. He stressed that all should push forward ERP system construction as well as management normalization, standardization and intensification positively, further promote the improvement of enterprise efficiency and benefits, and offer better support to SPIC’s strategic development.



Zhu Xiaodong made a report on ERP system construction process and overall situation.


Wang Yundan delivered a speech titled "Sum up past, extract essence, create future, and explore road to integrate enterprise management with informatization".


First of all, he recalled SEP’s ERP construction process as follows: first, management first, which laid the groundwork for ERP preliminary stage management; second, planning in advance, which solidified ERP management results; third, the PRO platform for SEP informatization was created. He introduced the achievements made from SEP’s ERP project including a complete business chain centered on planning and budgeting, a "four-in-one" core value chain making use of integrated index database, a closed management loop based on data chain, an innovative PRO management platform integrating business, value and data chains and PRO platform becoming the implementation carrier of "management system of information technology and industrialization integration" in SEP.



He also shared a few pieces of working experience with the meeting participants as follow: first, leaders’ great attention and correct decision was the key factor for SEP to obtain success; second, full preparation in the preliminary stage provided strong support for the project’s successful execution; third, effective project organization and management model paved the way for successful implementation; fourth, brave innovation was the core driving force in the pursuit of project excellence; fifth, close cooperation between both parties was the important pillar for the project construction; sixth, SEP established its own model base, which enabled quick replication of management models.


In addition, Wang analyzed the gaps and defects existing in SEP’s ERP construction, and put forward working ideas and plans for the next step as follows: first, speed up ERP advancement in overseas companies, and provide informatization guarantee for the company’s multinational operation; second, carry on with in-depth EOM system application, deepen enterprise data utilization and mining, realize "watt" management by way of "bit" management, and build up a new situation of enterprise digitization transformation; third, continue to develop satellite system construction centered on PRO platform, and improve user friendliness.


The representatives from China Power International Development Limited, Inner Mongolia Energy Company Limited and Wuling Power Company Limited also gave speeches and shared experience with those present at the meeting. There were group discussions and exchanges during the meeting, while the relevant departments from SPIC made reports on ERP system construction.


A total of 130 persons attended the meeting, which included the leaders of related SPIC departments, State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, leaders in charge of ERP work in related subsidiaries, operating department personnel, information management department heads, SPIC Information Company and ERP service provider representatives.

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