SEP Holds Staff Dragon Boat Race of 2017

As the National Games instill new life into nationwide fitness programs, sport is believed by more people to carry the dream of prosperity and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. On September 9, SEP held Staff Dragon Boat Race of 2017 at Shanghai Aquatic Sports Center. SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, Deputy Party Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai,Li Wei from Education and Sports Department of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Chang Lin from SPIC Corporate Culture Department, and the employees from various departments and affiliated companies of SEP together with their family members, more than 500 people in total, attended the event.



A total of 15 teams from Wujing Power Plant, SEP Operation, Caojing Power Plant, SPIC Engineering Company, etc. took part in the race, which was divided into preliminary and final rounds, both rounds including three groups. The competition course was 500 meters, compared with 300 meters for the first dragon boat race held in 2015. Despite increased difficulty and rainy weather, all the players were filled with fighting spirit and high morale.



Once the starting gun went off, each dragon boat rushed to the finish line as fast as the arrow flies off the string, amid the drum beating and the audience cheering. Eventually, SEP Operation defended its championship, while Changxing Island Power Plant and Caojing Power Plant won the second prize and the third prize respectively.


During the contest, Chairman Wang walked to the wharf in the rain and cheered for the athletes, encouraging them to try their best. As those dragon boats vied on the river to overtake each other, accompanied by the drumbeats, cheering of the audience, shouting of the players and happy laughters from the staff family members, Dianshan Lakeside was turned to an ocean of unity, joy and bravery.



After the contest, Wang Yundan, Gu Ai and other leaders presented awards to the winning teams, took photographs with them, and shook hands with all the players cordially.

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