SPIC Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Dept Head Inspects Tianji Power Plant

On August 31, Director General of SPIC Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department Tao Xinjian and his delegation inspected Tianji Power Plant accompanied by SEP President Wang Huaiming.



Tao Xinjian went to the production site to check the operation conditions of 5.9 MWp PV Power Plant, condensate polishing system at the basement floor of Unit 1 steam turbine, and oil system of Unit 1, as well as the construction of scaffolding work. At the operating level of Unit 4 steam turbine, Tao examined the daily management and maintenance situation of generator, steam turbine and related equipment along with the on-site signs and lineation. At the central control room of Phase I and Phase II of the power plant, Tao inquired about the unit operation carefully, and reviewed the execution of work tickets and safety work handover, safety management journal of operation team, performance evaluation agreements of team members and team leader's log.



At the meeting room, Tao listened to the work report on strengthening fundamental safety work, HSE management improvement, work safety inspection, ultra-low emission rehabilitation project of the four units, environmental protection management and quality enhancement by Tianji Power Plant GM Hu Zhen.


Tao highly commended the power plant for completing the construction, grid connection and commercial operation of PV power plant within four months, and appreciated SEP and Tianji Power Plant for their professionalism and hardworking spirit. He also spoke highly of the power plant's work safety management, and hoped the power plant to keep on with the efforts and strive to reach perfection in work safety, and become a management benchmark power plant of SPIC and even China's thermal power industry. Regarding the next-step work, he made a few requirements as follows: first, continue to improve work safety management, make contributions to SPIC's safety performance, and prepare for the safeguarding of the 19th CPC National Congress; second, accomplish the safety inspection for this autumn in compliance with SPIC's requests; third, carry out the implementation of fundamental safety work, and further reinforce the foundation of shift team management through implementing the related rules and regulations of the shift team and adopting HSE improvement tools; fourth, develop the habit of HSE improvement tool application, continue to enhance HSE management improvement, become the model power plant of SEP, and further become the example of HSE management improvement and tool application in SPIC; fifth, strengthen communication, make progress together and forge strong alliance with brother power plants in the neighborhood actively, and strive to become a benchmark thermal power plant in SPIC and national industry.



Wang Huaiming expressed thanks to Tao and his delegation for visiting Tianjin Power Plant to inspect and guide the work and give advice. He noted that SEP will follow the requirements of the Guidelines on Shift Team Safety Construction by SPIC, further improve shift team safety construction work system, and hope Tianji Power Plant to take the lead in the related work and provide good practice and experience. Tianji Power Plant should seriously improve the inadequacy and fix the gap in work safety according to the requirements, actively increase exchanges with the brother power plants in the surrounding area, learn and draw lessons from each other, accomplish various aspects of work to a more refined and delicate level, and produce benefit, experience and talent continuously.



The relevant personnel of SPIC Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and related persons in charge of the power plant accompanied them on the inspection.

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