Wang Yundan Inspects Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation in Hot Summer

On August 4, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and his delegation arrived at Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation in Zhejiang province and visited frontline staff sticking to their posts under extreme high temperature.



Wang and his delegation went to the maintenance team room, central control room and chemical water treatment plant, held cordial talks with production staff, asked about the current work safety conditions and their working and living situation, encouraged them to overcome summer heat with persistent efforts, and presented them with gifts.


Wang fully affirmed the work safety achieved by Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation, and its harmonious cooperation mode, value creation and sunny staff. He noted that the entrusted O&M model of the power plant was a new attempt of SEP, and that the successful integration of safety production, operation and management and enterprise culture in the past three years embodied the "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit and the concept of harmony and win-win. Centering on value creation, he raised a few requirements for the power plant as follows: first, enhance quality management and lean management, and solidify quality procedures; second, strengthen implementation of standards, and develop benchmarks in various respects including work safety, enterprise management, Party construction and quality system; third, consolidate talent training, cultivate multi-skilled talent, and provide talent for the objective of building another SEP by 2020.



Since the dog days (the hottest period of summer) began, most parts of Zhejiang province have been sweltering under continuous high temperature, with the power consumption load and daily power consumption both hitting new highs in the province. In the critical period of guaranteeing power supply in July, the whole staff of Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation united as one and carried forward "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit, completing 15 rotation start-ups of the two generation units with total power output of 82.79 GWh, providing strong support for the power supply to northwestern Zhejiang.


SEP General Office, Human Resources Department, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and the power plant leaders participated in the inspection.

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