Wang Yundan Inspects Caojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration amid Hot Summer

With the arrival of the dog days, Shanghai has been reeling under extremely high temperature, which made SEP leaders concerned about the work safety of various affiliated companies as well as the spiritual state and health of the staff in particular. In the height of summer, the company leaders went to grassroots units several times to conduct safety inspection and visit production staff.



On August 1, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan led a delegation to Caojing Power Plant despite the scorching heat, went to the maintenance site, auxiliary control room, central control room successively, visited and expressed greetings to the employees sticking to their posts, thanking them for their selfless contributions to the company, urging them to balance work and rest in the scorching weather. Meanwhile, he required various departments to pay attention to work safety, make reasonable arrangement for staff's outdoor operation, reinforce labor protection measures, and always place work safety as top priority. He also presented the plant staff with heatstroke prevention and cooling products and extended sincere wishes to them in person.


Wang and his delegation arrived at Caojing Cogeneration later that day, and visited the staff on duty at the central control room, maintenance site and various project departments, conveyed sincere greetings to them, and asked them to complete heatstroke prevention and cooling work, properly arrange work time based on ensuring safety while protecting themselves from sunstroke. He required the plant leaders to guarantee safety by all means during the summer peak period amid extreme high-temperature weather, further implement work safety management measures, and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards.



Everywhere he appeared, Wang inspired the enterprising enthusiasm of the employees on site with his easygoing attitude and gracious remarks. The staff expressed that they would continue to carry forward "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit and strive to achieve and even exceed the annual goals in 2017


They also stated that they would live up to the expectations of the company leaders, keep up with hard work, and make sure to complete the task during the summer peak and various goals for this year with sound safety.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and related subsidiaries participated in the inspection.

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