Wang Huaiming Visits Frontline Staff at Caojing Cogeneration, Caojing Power Plant

On July 25, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Caojing Cogeneration and Caojing Power Plant to inspect work and greet frontline workers sticking to their production posts in the hot summer.



At Caojing Cogeneration, Wang Huaiming arrived at the central control room, and maintenance, patrol and chemical water treatment plants to visit frontline workers, presented gifts to them in person, bringing them with easement and comfort despite the scorching heat. He expressed thanks to the frontline staff for their selfless devotion to the work safety of the enterprise.


Wang Huaiming carefully inquired of the production staff about their working environment and labor protection conditions, asking them to properly arrange work and rest time, carry out cooling measures, and ensure both personal and equipment safety. He also required the power plant leaders to pay special attention to summer cooling work of frontline staff, further implement work safety management measures, and eliminate various hidden dangers in a timely manner.


At the round-shape coal yard, auxiliary control room, central control room and thermal control team, Wang Huaiming asked about the working and physical conditions of the employees, appreciated them for sticking to their positions despite the sizzling weather, and repeatedly advised them to strike a proper balance between work and rest, make reasonable arrangement for outdoor operation under high-temperature weather, fully implement heatstroke prevention and cooling measures, and ensure work safety during the summer peak.



At the central control room, Wang learned about the heat supply of the units in detail, and highly affirmed the power plant's efforts to tap the potential of the units. He hoped the power plant to arrange heat supply load appropriately based on the research on and implementation of simultaneous heat supply of high-pressure and medium-pressure sections of the single unit with daily heat output of over 4,800 tons, and continue to optimize economic indicators of the units.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Production Department and related subsidiaries participated in the event.

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