Wang Yundan Inspects Caojing Cogeneration, Greets Frontline Workers

On July 12, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan arrived at Caojing Cogeneration under the scorching sun, conducting safety inspection and greeting frontline staff.



Wang focused on checking the construction of access control system, typhoon and flood prevention efforts, and oil depot safety management work, with a detailed understanding of unit maintenance situation.



Wang required the power plant to implement the entity responsibility of work safety, continue to strengthen QHSE system improvement, reinforce safety and quality management of maintenance work, and make every endeavor to guarantee personal and equipment safety during the summer peak period. Meanwhile, Wang visited the frontline staff sticking to their posts in hot summer and conveyed greetings to them.



The leaders of SEP General Office, International Business Department, Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and relevant companies participated in the event.

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