Wang Huaiming Inspects Kanshan Power Plant for Safety Supervision

On June 16, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong went to Kanshan Power Plant to conduct a safety inspection.



Wang Huaiming and his delegation focused on checking the safety management of shift teams, management on outsourcing teams and safety duty execution of various levels of leaders, and carefully reviewed the safety activity record of shift teams, shift team leader's log and technical management accounts.



Wang Huaiming put forward four requirements as follows: firstly, all levels of leaders shall perform their duties properly, go deep to the grass-roots units, shift teams and production sites, and point out problems, raise well-directed requirements and keep records, and avoid mere formality; secondly, continue to strengthen outsourcing team management with high standards and strict demands; thirdly, give full play to the supervision system, carry out examination according to HSE standards, report the problems found out and give feedbacks in a timely manner, implement anti-violation of regulations and hidden danger elimination thoroughly, and pay persistent attention to supervision; fourthly, complete equipment remediation earnestly, eliminate leakage and similar phenomenon due to mismanagement or misoperation, and accomplish civilized production.


The related leaders of SEP Production Department and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department accompanied them on the inspection.

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