Wang Yundan Conducts Safety Inspection on Waigaoqiao Power Plant on Labor Day

On May 1, 2017, the International Labor Day, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and his delegation went to Waigaoqiao Power Plant to conduct safety inspection and convey holiday greetings.



First, Wang and his delegation went to the central control room, and extended warm greetings to the staff sticking to their production posts during the festival, and shook hands with each of them to thank them for the contributions made to the construction of SEP; at the oil pump room of Fuel Department, Wang affirmed the improvement in safety management, emphasized the significance of "safety first" repeatedly, and required all the staff to implement safety rules and regulations strictly and avoid various violations.



Afterwards, Wang listened to the report delivered by the power plant GM Shen Haihua on the work safety situation, operation and management from January to April, electricity supply guarantee work during the festival, development of ultra-low emission rehabilitation as well as the situation of other development projects.


Wang required the power plant to appreciate the situation, overcome difficulties, and attempt to make substantial breakthrough in the key areas of transformation, development, reform and innovation.


Wang expressed that Waigaoqiao Power Plant should focus on strengthening advantages and treating weakness both, and pay high attention to the concept of work safety and the sense of safety duty execution, especially accomplish HSE management improvement and ultra-low emission rehabilitation project solidly, further reinforce a series of safety production work including outsourcing project management, site safety management, transportation safety management and execution of "two tickets and three rules", insist on completing safety and environmental protection, annual major projects and reconstruction of enclosed coal yard, and strive to win the approval of the municipal environmental protection bureau by the year end, upgrade the management model to promote innovative development, fully leverage the large-capacity coal-fired boiler of the power plant featuring high temperature, high efficiency and ultra-low emission and constantly explore the way of biomass coupled power generation.



The leaders of related SEP departments and subsidiaries participated in the event.

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