SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua Inspects SEP

On April 27, 2017, SPIC and Shanghai Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai. Wang Binghua, SPIC Chairman and Party Secretary, and Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai and Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attended the signing ceremony. Wei Suo, SPIC Party Member and Vice President, and Zhou Bo, Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai and Standing Committee Member of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. During the signing ceremony, Wang Binghua held a meeting with Han Zheng, Party Secretary of Shanghai and Member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee.



After the ceremony, Wang Binghua, Wei Suo, SNPTC President Wang Fengxue, Director of SPIC General Office Wang Zichao, Director of SPIC Strategy and Planning Department Li Guanghua and their delegation, accompanied by SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, inspected the construction sites of Qiantan Distributed Energy Supply Project and the building in Shanghai Expo A-Zone, as well as Yangshupu Power Plant, Minghua Electric Power, Liangji New Energy and the PRONA smart lighting system developed by SEP Crelead.



At various companies and construction sites, Wang Binghua listened to the related work report, acquired detailed knowledge of the latest development of various projects, and held cordial talks with the cadres and employees on site, greatly encouraging the working and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the whole staff of SEP.


At SEP headquarters, Wang Binghua and the other SPIC leaders carefully listened to the special report delivered by Wang Yundan titled "Further transforming to an innovative, enterprising and customer-assured integrated smart energy supplier and service provider". Wang Binghua made important remarks and instructions.


Wang Binghua reviewed the course of the first transformation of SEP with deep feelings. He noted that the first transformation of the company was successful and laid a solid foundation for another transformation, and affirmed that the company has a clear mind in how to achieve the second transformation. He required the company leadership to firmly establish the sense of responsibility for the second transformation, face up to the new subject, be brave to embrace the new practice, and start a new undertaking as a striver, in order to realize the objective of building another SEP.



Regarding the successful implementation of the second transformation, Wang Binghua gave a few important instructions as follows: first, deal with the relations between traditional and emerging businesses properly, manage the existing assets well while developing incremental assets nicely with risk prevention to the greatest extent, leverage SEP's advantages in traditional electricity sector and constantly improve equipment reliability and EVA through technological progress; second, deal with the relations between domestic and overseas development properly, clarify market strategies at home and abroad and then perform respective duties related to both markets, in order to realize the goal of "building another SEP"; third, deal with the relations between new technologies, new industrial types and new business models properly. He pointed out that he could foresee the infinite development space of the company in the future after his field research on Qiantan Distributed Energy Supply Project. No matter the new market or existing assets, SEP would have to find the joint point of new technologies, new industrial types and new business models, and obtain reasonable revenue.


Wang Binghua fully affirmed the characteristics formed by SEP Operation, SEP Engineering and Minghua Electric Power in the process of domestic and overseas development, and required SEP to continue to enhance electric power services, paying special attention to the strengthening of intellectual property protection.


Finally, Wang Binghua agreed with the company's objective of "building another SEP by 2020" totally, expressed strong support for its development at home and abroad, and hoped SEP to become a pioneer of the transformation of SPIC.


Wang Yundan extended gratitude to SPIC and Chairman Wang Binghua for their caring and support, and vowed to solidly implement the important instructions of Wang Binghua and integrate into the action plan of SEP, in order to make contributions to the "corner overtaking" of SPIC.

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