Wang Huaiming Inspects Caojing Power Plant for Safety Supervision

On April 21, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong went to Caojing Power Plant to conduct safety inspection.



Wang Huaiming and his delegation inspected the coal conveyor belt and T3 transfer station, and checked the fire safety work of coal handling system especially; at the coal unloading machine driver team and fuel system cleaning team of the first shift of auxiliary control, they focused on the shift chief's log, safety account and safety duty execution of all levels of the power plant and SEP Operation, and inquired about the implementation of HSE system improvement of all the shift teams in detail.


Wang Huaiming fully affirmed the safety production work of the power plant, and put forward a few requirements on the following work as follows: first, continue to reinforce the safety duty execution of all levels of leading cadres, and make sure they go directly to the shift teams and the production sites, raise questions and requirements, and keep related activities on record; second, strengthen the fundamental safety production work, and focus on grass-roots workers, basic work and basic skills; third, intensify outsourcing team management; fourth, strictly implement HSE management system work, and ensure that each improvement tool is carried out thoroughly and properly; fifth, make efforts to fix up the weakness from every links of the fuel system to guarantee safe operation and increase blending combustion efficiency.



Afterwards, the company leaders held a monthly meeting of HSE system improvement at the power plant via video conference. The meeting included the monthly summary of HSE management improvement work by SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, the report on access control system construction by Minghua Electric Power and exchanges of experience among shift teams of Caojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration and Tianji Power Plant. 


Xing Lianzhong spoke highly of the recent work of HSE system improvement by the company. He called on all the affiliated companies to advance the implementation of various HSE measures, realize major breakthroughs in key projects, draw profound lessons from the recent safety incidents, beef up management from a range of aspects including firefighting facility operation, fuel system cleaning and emergency response, and ensure blending combustion safety.


Wang Huaiming noted that all levels of leading cadres and management personnel of the company should strictly carry out the work safety responsibility system, go deep into the shift teams and point out the problems according to the actual situation, pay special attention to the basic safety production work, attempt to realize major breakthroughs in two tickets and three rules, anti-violation of regulations, eliminating hidden dangers etc., make unremitting efforts to enhance outsourcing team management, accelerate HSE management system improvement, summarize and perfect good promotion practice in a timely manner in order to provide experience for SPIC, intensify inspection and cleaning of fuel system, form a regular working mechanism and beef up safety management of units.  


The leaders of relevant SEP departments and affiliated companies participated in the inspection and meeting.

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