SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong Inspects SEP

From April 13-14, SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong, Thermal Power and Electricity Sales Department Director Wang Zhiping and their delegation visited SEP, and went to Changxing Island Power Plant, Waigaoqiao Power Plant and SEP Green Energy Company successively to inspect and guide the work. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong and Huang Chen participated in the above inspection respectively.



On April 13, Wang Shudong and his delegation headed to Changxing Island Power Plant, and went directly to the electrical, turbine and boiler, desulfurization and denitrification control rooms and the coal dock to know about the production and operation situation. Having listened to the report of production, operation and development work, Wang Shudong required the power plant to integrate the enterprise development with the construction of marine equipment island according to its unique geographic location, further improve operational analysis, realize lean management and focus on work safety.



On the same day, they arrived at Waigaoqiao Power Plant, inspected the production sites including the central control room of electricity production department, balance of plant and fuel dock, focused on checking the situation of on-site safety management, work ticket execution, outsourcing team management and safety duty performance of leaders, and inquired about the notification of recent incidents, and the implementation of higher-level meeting spirit, safety documents and HSE management improvement in detail.



Wang Shudong affirmed the achievements made by the power plant in safety management, and carefully learned about the progress of lean blending combustion, ultra-low emission rehabilitation, coupled power generation and other innovative projects. He required the power plant to adhere to the principle of "safety first", accomplish HSE management improvement and basic safety management work with high standards and strict requirements, implement various work safety rules and regulations to the letter, persist in work safety duty execution, strengthen outsourcing team management and equipment management solidly, strive to make substantial breakthrough in the key area of reform and innovation, and spare no effort to achieve annual operation development goals, in order to make contributions to SEP's strategy of "building an innovative, international modern energy enterprise".


On April 14, Wang Shudong and his delegation went to the site of Qiantan Energy Center developed by SEP Green Energy, listened to the work report on the transformation of SEP to an innovative, enterprising and customer-assured integrated energy supplier and service provider delivered by Wang Yundan and the report on the progress, work safety, quality and cost control of the three projects under construction and the follow-up work planning delivered by SEP Green Energy General Manager Wang Guodi, and inspected the construction site and central control room of Qiantan project. He expressed that Qiantan Energy Center as the first distributed energy project under the flag of SPIC should stick to "providing green energy", answer the country's call and follow the development direction of industrial policy positively, improve project construction and operation, build a distributed energy demonstration project with strong competitiveness and become a leading player in the distributed energy sector.


The leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Engineering Management Department, Sales Department and related companies accompanied them on the inspection.

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