SEP Holds 2017 Annual Work Meeting, 1st Session of 3rd Workers' Congress

On February 10, SEP held the Annual Work Meeting of 2017 and the First Session of the Third Workers' Congress. The related leaders from Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission (DRC), Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and East China Energy Regulatory Bureau were invited to attend the meeting, and they highly affirmed various tasks completed by the company in 2016. SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming, Full-time Director Wang Jiangong, Deputy Presidents Sun Weidong, Guo Baohong, Xing Lianzhong, Huang Chen and Xia Meixing, Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai and CFO Chen Wenhao were present at the meeting.



Wang Yundan made an important speech at the meeting. He noted that vast numbers of cadres and employees closely focused on SPIC's general objective of "Corner Overtaking" and deeply implemented the "1234" strategic development system in the beginning year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and thus the intrinsic safety was further reinforced, with new steps taken and new achievements made in the aspects of technological innovation, multinational operation and comprehensively strengthening the Party governance. The company came out in front in the comprehensive performance ranking within SPIC in 2016, ensuring that the country, the enterprise and the staff all gained benefits.



Wang pointed out that 2017 is the "Breakthrough Year" of SPIC, and also the critical year for the company to realize the goal to "build another SEP by 2020". All the cadres and staff should stick to the "Six Unshakeables" as follows: stick to the theory to "appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend, and realize value creation" unshakably, implement exhaustive and thorough safety management unshakably, adhere to the principle of "increasing profit, focusing on development, and promoting harmony" and the style of "being gentle in appearance but firm at heart" unshakably, carry out the "1234" strategic development system, especially the "Four Transformations" unshakably, aim to "make superiors convinced, make peers comfortable and make employees happy" unshakably, and walk thousands of miles with "Three-thousands" hardworking spirit unshakably.


He arranged the following tasks in terms of strategic planning, enterprise management, team construction and Party governance: regarding strategic planning, stick to the guidance of five concepts of "innovation, coordination, green development, opening-up and sharing", hold on to clean and high-efficient development, positively push forward innovation and integrated smart energy, reinforce funding and capital operation, ensure timely completion of the acquisition of KE with high quality and high efficiency as well as the completion of the asset injection of SPIC Jiangsu Branch in line with the schedule, be excellent in Shanghai, superior in China and strong in the world, and strive to realize the goal to "build another SEP by 2020" in advance; regarding enterprise management, comprehensively implement 40 requirements of SPIC to deepen reform, take basic work and intrinsic safety as the starting point, firmly establish the basis for work safety, make every effort to reduce fuel cost by way of basic management, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, vigorously carry out management of existing businesses, actively build up an international operation and management system that could effectively support the realization of the company's strategy, control major operation risks, give play to the scale effect of collaborative sharing and lower management costs, enhance multinational operation capability, combine lean management with QHSE system, standardize, processize and informatize various lean management improvement practices, and improve the company's management level continuously; regarding team construction, establish correct talent concept, strengthen talent development, stick to integration of incentive with appraisal, stimulate the enthusiasm of talent value creation, and promote the company's transformation and development.


Wang Huaiming delivered a report titled "Speed up transformation, focus on breakthrough, and endeavor to become the pioneer of 'Corner Overtaking' in SPIC" on behalf of the company's management team. In 2016, under the strong leadership of SPIC and the caring and support of the municipal Party committee and municipal government of Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal DRC, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and East China Energy Regulatory Bureau, SEP implemented the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, earnestly carried out the decisions and arrangements of SPIC's "Corner Overtaking", continued to adhere to "focusing on development, increasing profit, and promoting harmony", resolutely pushed forward structure adjustment, layout optimization, transformation and upgrading, acquired new achievements in various tasks, and made a good start of the "13th Five-Year Plan", he noted.



He analyzed the challenges that would confront the company in the aspects of increasing profit, focusing on development, ensuring safety and multinational operation in 2017. He raised the ideas for the work of 2017 as follows: implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the Party construction work conference of the national SOEs, firmly carry out the general goal of "Corner Overtaking" and decisions and arrangements of "Breakthrough Year" of SPIC, comprehensively accomplish the working requirements the municipal Party committee and municipal government of Shanghai, steadfastly push forward structure adjustment, layout optimization, transformation and upgrading, adhere to "focusing on development, increasing profit, and promoting harmony", hold on to all-round deepening of reform, overall lean management, comprehensively strengthening of Party governance and solidifying foundation for safety and stability, reinforce the building of multinational operation and development capacity, ensure the completion of various annual tasks, and strive to become the pioneer of "Corner Overtaking" in SPIC, in order to greet the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress with outstanding results.


Wang Huaiming made a few arrangements around the working ideas and major tasks in 2017 as follows: first, guarantee growth by all means; second, ensure safety by strict management; third, make new breakthroughs in promoting multinational operation and management; fourth, reach a higher level in accelerating transformation and development; fifth, deep internal reform in an all-round way; sixth, push forward lean management improvement deeply; seventh, strengthen the Party construction comprehensively.


At the meeting, Wang Yundan made the work report on behalf of the management team, personal work report of Chairman, and work report of talent selection and employment of the company in 2016. Wang Huaiming gave a personal work report of President. The company management team and leaders performed democratic evaluation on themselves and talent selection and employment. The advanced collectives and individuals of the company were granted awards by the company leaders as well.



Performance responsibility agreements were signed between the main leaders and the heads of each division, and performance evaluation agreements were signed between the heads of each division and functional departments, and between the main leaders and the heads of their subordinates. The representatives from the related departments and subordinates also made speeches.


Those present at the meeting watched videos on "Top Ten News Stories" of SEP in 2016 and advertising of KE, listened to the report on the handling of proposals in the Eighth Session of the Second Workers' Congress and proposal solicitation in the First Session of the Third Workers' Congress, and the introduction of the usage of welfare expenses and business entertainment expenses of SEP in 2016, reviewed and confirmed the report on the consultation and handling of important matters in Joint Conference during the adjournment of the Eighth Session of the Second Workers' Congress, and reviewed and passed the resolutions of the meeting.

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