SEP: Roll Up Sleeves and Work Hard

--SEP Leaders Extend Lunar New Year Greetings to Staff


Decorated with green lucky bamboos and red Chinese knots, the office building of SEP headquarters was permeated with a festive atmosphere on February 6, the first working day following the Spring Festival holiday, while all the staff had got down to work. At 9:00 am, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Sun Weidong, Guo Baohong, Xing Lianzhong, Huang Chen and Xia Meixing, Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai and other company leaders, visited all the employees with the company headquarters and various subordinates located in the office building of Resource Plaza, and extended Lunar New Year's greetings to everyone.



At various departments of SEP headquarters, Wang Yundan, Wang Huaiming and other leaders walked into every office, went to every working desk, shook hands with each employee and gave greetings to each other. The company leaders were glad to see that those new comers who had graduated from universities in the past years have grown into young talents worthy of important tasks, fully affirmed their progress, and hoped them to keep working hard with further improvements.


At SEP Investment and overseas subsidiaries such as SEPM, Shangtan and EMBA, SEP leaders thanked all the staff for the huge contribution made to the overseas development of SEP, and took photographs with some of them going to work overseas soon. The company leaders hoped them to keep up with their efforts, continue to walk thousands of miles with "Three-thousands" hardworking spirit, make their own contributions to the multinational operation of SEP, and gain more fruitful results and higher returns in the Year of the Rooster.




At Shuntao Group, Caojing Integrated Energy, Hemei Energy, SEP New Energy and Crelead Intelligent Technology, SEP leaders fully affirmed the solid achievements made by the staff in 2016, encouraged their concerted efforts in market development and perseverance in innovation and creation, and vowed to provide support. At Liangji New Energy, SEP leaders visited its smart O&M system and assistant decision-making system with great interest, and received the video work report and festival greetings from the project departments in Golmud, Qinhuangdao, etc. via remote information system. They encouraged related departments and subordinates to leverage their advantages in resource integration, combine persistent willpower and innovative spirit, and be brave in trial and experiment.



During the whole visit lasting nearly three hours, SEP leaders sent New Year's greetings to the staff at 17 departments of the company headquarters and 10 subordinates located in Resource Plaza, as well as the employees with Ronghe Financial Leasing, in which SEP has equity participation, and all the drivers serving the company.


In 2017, when the 19th CPC National Congress will be held and also the "Breakthrough Year" of SPIC, SEP will not only become a striver walking thousands of miles with "Three-thousands" hardworking spirit, but also become a pioneer ready to roll up its sleeves and throw itself into hard work. The company will forge ahead with its unswerving determination and outstanding performance, ensure to achieve the tasks assigned by SPIC in 2017 and attempt to overfulfill them, in order to greet the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress with excellent results.

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