Wang Yundan Visits Changxing Island Power Plant, Greets Frontline Staff During Spring Festival

On January 28, the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and his delegation went to Changxing Island Power Plant to send New Year's greetings to the operation staff and the staff of project department from SEP Operation and SEP Engineering sticking to their posts in the production frontlines.



Wang listened to the work report by Changxing Island Power Plant GM Chen Guoqiang, and affirmed the achievements made by the power plant in 2016 as well as its positive work in PV power generation and integrated smart energy development. Wang required the power plant to accomplish the following tasks: first is to put emphasis on lean management, second is to develop with innovation spirit, third is to transform in line with the trend. He also hoped the power plant could lead the new energy development of Changxing Island and Hengsha Island.



Wang paid New Year calls to the operation staff of electrical control and turbine and boiler rooms, gave greetings to desulfurization and denitrification control room of SEP Operation and project department of SEP Engineering, and conducted safety production inspection on the oil depot of key fire prevention area. Wang checked the staff dormitory and canteen carefully, inquired about their rest and food supply situation, and expressed satisfaction with the living arrangements during the festival.


The related leaders of SEP General Office, Planning and Development Department, Production Department, Sales Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Party-masses Department, SEP Operation and SEP Engineering accompanied Wang on the visit.

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