SEP Holds First Safety Production Committee Meeting in 2017

On January 24, 2017, SEP held the first Safety Production Committee Meeting in 2017, and Chairman Wang Yundan made an important speech. The meeting was chaired by President Wang Huaiming, and the members of the company's Safety Production Committee attended the meeting.



Wang Yundan conveyed the spirit of SPIC's Safety Production Committee Meeting held on January 19 in the first place, and required the company as well as various subordinates and subsidiaries to study and implement the meeting spirit seriously. He noted that accomplishing work safety lies in three respects as follows: first, do the right thing, and do things in the right way, with focus on strengthening responsibility system of work safety, related basic work, outsourcing team management and various inspection tasks, implementing rectification of problems found in safety inspection tours and power supply guarantee work for important events, completing technical transformation projects and emissions reaching standard; second, revise the company's reward and punishment regulations on work safety, increase the rewards for work safety and encourage all the staff to play a better role in work safety; third, continue to push forward the construction of QHSE system.


Wang Huaiming summarized the meeting by emphasizing on amending inspection standards for work safety duty fulfillment and completing duty fulfillment and inspection work. Firstly, promote the QHSE management, and apply HSE improvement measures and good practice in work safety to the QHSE system; secondly, clarify measures and solidly carry out the related basic work; thirdly, point out the weak links, confront the problems directly and solve them, in order to improve the company's safety management.


At the meeting, Safety Production Committee reviewed and passed the work report on safety production given by SEP Deputy President Xing Lianzhong and the report on the selection of advanced groups and individuals in safety and environmental protection in 2016 given by Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department.

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