Lunar New Year Speech in 2017

By SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming


The Year of the Monkey bid farewell to us, while the Year of the Rooster heralded a new spring. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, SEP Party committee, Board of Directors and management team, hereby extend sincere Spring Festival greetings to all the company staff working both home and abroad, all the retired employees and family members of the staff with contributions and support to the company's development, as well as vast numbers of shareholders with long-term caring for SEP.


In 2016, the company firmly obeyed SPIC's leadership, followed the requirements of the municipal Party committee and municipal government of Shanghai, always kept the perseverance to "appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend, and realize value creation", with all the staff members striving with joint efforts and common goals, positively coping with various challenges and calmly overcoming all kinds of difficulties. The company's new energy and service businesses advanced triumphantly, and with the successful acquisition of the Pakistan's K-Electric (KE) becoming a new milestone in company's overseas development and marking the initial shaping of multinational operation. Meanwhile, the company's structure adjustment and transformation reached a higher level, with lean management further publicized and the Party members and cadres developing the style of "seeking truth and being pragmatic, honest and upright" more consciously.


In 2017, also the "Breakthrough Year" of SPIC, the company will continue to "appreciate the situation, adapt to the trend, and realize value creation" unswervingly, implement exhaustive and thorough safety management firmly, adhere to the principle of "increasing profit, focusing on development, and promoting harmony" and the style of "being gentle in appearance but firm at heart" resolutely, carry out the "1234" development system determinedly, aim to "make superiors convinced, make peers comfortable and make employees happy" resolvedly, walk thousands of miles with "Three-thousands" hardworking spirit unflinchingly, roll up the sleeves and strive to assist in SPIC's "corner overtaking" and the grand vision of "building another SEP by 2020".


All staff of SEP should firmly establish the idea to "do the right thing and do things in a right way", and concentrate on strategy implementation, work safety, enterprise management, team construction and Party style building. Meanwhile, set up the concept of multinational operation comprehensively, keep accelerating overseas development in accordance with the principle of "trailblazing, tenacity and operability", mobilize the resources throughout the company in order to guarantee the goal of "measurability, attainability and controllability" for overseas market, projects and employees, and endeavor to make 2017 become a year of bumper harvest in multinational operation.


It is time to set sail with the fair wind, and those with great expectations will press forward boldly at their own will. In the new year, SEP will follow the five concepts of "innovation, coordination, green development, opening-up and sharing", further reinforce its Party committee's ability to control the overall situation and the decision-making capacity of the board of directors, take the reform deepening of SPIC and the company as the driving force, improve the existing business with lean management while expanding incremental business with value creation, ensure to achieve various tasks in 2017, strive to overfulfill them, and position itself as a "pioneer" of SPIC, in order to greet the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress with outstanding results.

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