SPIC Senior Official Inspects Tianji Power Plant on Work Safety

On November 30, SPIC Assistant President and Head of Hydropower and New Energies Department Li Shulei, accompanied by SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong, went to Tianji Power Plant to conduct an overhaul of work safety.


This work safety inspection is aimed to learn lessons from a deadly power plant accident in east China's Jiangxi Province on November 24, and implement the spirit of a national meeting on work safety by the State Council on November 27 and the spirit of a speech by SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua at SPIC's emergency work safety meeting on November 28. Regarding the special situation of work safety at the turn of the year, the inspection ordered the subordinated companies to re-arrange, re-demand, re-mobilize and re-check their workplace safety.

Li Shulei and his delegation went deep into the front line of the power plant to check the coal pulverizer zone, coal conveyor floor, central control room, steam turbine platform, maintenance site and ultra-low emission rehabilitation project site of Unit 2, etc., with a detailed understanding of work safety and safety management situation.

Following a field survey and inspection, Li Shulei affirmed various safety management tasks achieved by the power plant. Concerning the latest arrangement on work safety by SPIC, he put forward eight requirements as follows: first, focus on the ideological guidance and build up a proper sense of safety; second, pay attention to the sense of responsibility, and implement both responsibility of the safety subject and safety supervision; third, be problem-oriented and eliminate safety hazards; fourth, emphasize on major contradictions and consolidate the basis of shift team management; fifth, highlight legal safety management, and regulate personal safety behaviors; sixth, attach importance to scientific safety management, and realize intrinsic safety; seventh, lay stress on experience feedback, and draw lessons from recent accidents; eighth, give prominence to the principle of reality, and ensure work safety in the upcoming New Year and Spring Festival, with a comprehensive arrangement for various tasks, especially precautionary measures on facilities against cold and freezing conditions and coal unloading and handling system operation in winter. All levels of leaders should take the lead to stick to their positions and all the safety management crew should fulfill their duties properly, in order to prevent possible accidents.


The related personnel from SPIC Hydropower and New Energies Department and Thermal Power and Electricity Sales Department, head of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, leading group members of Tianji Power Plant, as well as leaders of HSE Department and various production departments accompanied Li Shulei on the inspection.

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