Wang Huaiming Visits Huainan for Safety Inspection

In order to implement the spirit of SPIC's emergency videophone conference, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Huainan, Anhui province, and conducted a safety inspection on Tianji Power Plant, SEP Engineering and SEP Operation on December 1, 2016.


Wang Huaiming and his delegation checked the coal pulverizer zone, coal conveyor floor, central control room, steam turbine platform, maintenance site and ultra-low emission rehabilitation project site of Unit 2, etc., and learned about the situation of safety production and safety management in the field. They also went to de-SOx operation team of SEP Operation Tianji Project Department and electrical team of SEP Engineering Tianji Project Department, and checked the routine account, safety management activities, duty fulfillment situation of the power plant, SEP Engineering and SEP Operation leaders as well as outsourcing team management conditions.

Wang Huaiming made several important instructions as follows: firstly, all the leading cadres should fulfill their duties appropriately, go deep into the shift teams and operation sites to carry out duties completely in strict compliance with SPIC's regulations and requirements, integrate themselves into the shift teams, attend routine work meetings and safety learning activities of the teams, prepare speeches seriously for the team activities, pointing out existing weakness and problems together with rectification requests and suggestions for the next-step work, which should be put on record by the team leader in person so as not to skim the surface and work perfunctorily; secondly, strengthen outsourcing team management, accelerate clearing up unqualified outsourcing teams and personnel, improve outsourcing team management, clarify the responsible person for outsourcing team management, who should participate in the safety activities of outsourcing teams seriously, giving speeches, pointing out problems and raising requirements, examine and approve the production organizational mode for the outsourcing teams with clear-cut daily work content in order to avoid the phenomenon of replacing management by outsourcing, for key personnel such as project directors, technical directors and safety directors of outsourcing teams, be especially strict in qualification control, and responsible persons for management and other related personnel should reinforce the process management and inspection of outsourcing teams; thirdly, speed up the progress of HSE management improvement, quicken the work schedule, ensure the comprehensiveness of improvement measures, implement the improvement requirements in regulations, procedure documents and SOPs as well as the activities of shift teams and operation sites; fourthly, it is around the turn of the year, and all the companies should place safety production as the first priority in operation and development work, and make sure "Safety first" indeed.


Persons in charge of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Production Department and relevant departments of Tianji Power Plant accompanied Wang Huaiming on the inspection.

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