SPIC VP Wei Suo Inspects SEP Turkish Subsidiary

From November 14-17, SPIC Vice President Wei Suo visited EMBA Electricity Production Inc. (EMBA), SEP's Turkish subsidiary, to inspect and guide the work. During his inspection, he visited Chinese ambassador to Turkey and Chairman of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), and conducted a site survey of the project. Also present were Deputy Director of SPIC Strategy and Planning Department Yuan Xiangdong, Deputy Director of Policy Research and Intellectual Property Department Liu Wei, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy President Sun Weidong.


At the EMBA headquarters, Wei Suo listened to the work report and made important instructions. He noted that SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua fully affirmed EMBA's work achieved so far during his inspection on the company in early October. He added that SEP has found a good partner with a broad influence in Turkey, while it is wise of the latter to choose SEP, a public company with strength, as a foreign partner, and thus a good interface should be set up between both companies in terms of culture and management. Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Project is one of China's largest direct investments in Turkey, which has great significance for Sino-Turkish relations. Since China's thermal power equipment manufacturing and power plant operation management is world-class, the Chinese side will strive to achieve the highest level in environmental protection and technical indicators, in order to establish a good global image of SPIC and SEP. Guided by SPIC's "Harmony" Culture and HR management philosophy of "Strivers as the backbone", SEP will cooperate and develop together with the Turkish partner harmoniously and the staff from both sides will work together happily in the project company. SPIC vowed to provide strong support for Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Project and bolster further development of SEP in Turkey.

During his stay in Turkey, Wei also paid a visit to Chinese Ambassador to Turkey Yu Hongyang, and EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yilmaz in the capital city of Ankara, expressed sincere gratitude for their help in the development process of Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Project, and pledged that SPIC will actively promote the development of nuclear power and renewable energy projects in Turkey.

In addition, Wei went to the site of Hunutlu project, and held in-depth exchanges with EMBA on the project design.

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