SPIC Inspects SEP, Holds Meeting on Safety Production

From September 28-29, SPIC Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department Director Tao Xinjian led an inspection team to SEP headquarters and held a safety production symposium. They also carried out an on-site inspection on the ultra-low emission rehabilitation and safety management situation at Waigaoqiao Power Plant. SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong attended the meeting and accompanied them on the inspection.


At Waigaoqiao Power Plant, they focused on the field safety management of ultra-low emission rehabilitation project, team management, "Two Tickets and Three Rules", notification from higher-level company, implementation of related requirements, etc. The inspection team gave a high appraisal to the overall safety management of Waigaoqiao Power Plant, and hoped that the power plant would pay more attention to the effectiveness of team management, skill training, safety activities and safety management, start from fine management to "produce talent and experience".

On September 29, the inspection team held a safety production symposium at SEP headquarters. The leaders in charge of safety production work and safety supervision and management departments of SEP and its 17 production and operation subsidiaries participated in the meeting in two batches.


All the companies reported the situation of duty unfulfillment, prominent problems existing in the company as well as related rectification and improvement measures in the aspect of safety production management.


Tao Xinjian analyzed the importance of production safety situation and production safety work on SPIC and SEP, deteriorating team management level at present, weak outsourcing project safety management, decreasing responsibility transmission, the phenomenon of huge gaps between system and implementation and other outstanding issues, and hoped that SEP and its subordinates would take it seriously, carry out HSE system enhancement positively and make greater achievements on safe production work.


Wang Huaiming thanked the SPIC inspection team for their concern and guidance on SEP’s safety production work. He pointed out three problems of SEP and its subsidiaries existing in production safety: first, leaders at all levels fail to achieve the principle of "Safety First"; second, there exists the phenomenon of "low standards, loose requirements, self-content" to different extent in various subsidiaries; third, there is lack of safe production inputs. He called for leaders at all levels to be alert at all times, put emphasis on learning, seriously consider existing problems in production safety, find the gap, main cause, real reason and measures with the concept of lean management, carry out HSE enhancement, take the lead to play an exemplary role and do a good job in safety production work.


Since September, SPIC organized safety production symposiums while carrying out ultra-low emission rehabilitation inspection of coal-fired units and review of safety inspection rectification work, inquired the first responsible persons in charge of production safety of subsidiaries at all levels, leaders overseeing safety production work and responsible persons of safety supervision and management departments about the situation, measures and needs, in order to identify the root cause and come up with proper diagnosis and thus build a long-term mechanism for safe production.


Relevant personnel of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and Production Department participated in the inspection and the symposium.

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